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do any of you try to bargain with these stores for a lower price? I wonder because most people seem to accept the listed price with little haggling. I've found some excellent furniture over the years at estate sales, and also craigslist if you are willing to look for a while.
I recently had a storage bed from EQ3 delivered and I have been extremely happy with it.
It has a hydraulic lift for the mattress rather than drawers on the sides which is perfect for me as I already have enough closet space but just need some place to store seasonal clothing and extra bed linens, blankets and pillows. I also like the cleaner look of not having drawers along the sides.

The bed was made to order in Calgary using solid hardwood and quality fabrics -- I'm really satisfied with how solid and well made it is. It was ready in about 5 weeks and with the upgraded fabric I had chosen it costed about $1,800 which includes taxes, shipping and a 10% promotional discount which I think is an outstanding value.
Hi, After reading this post I went to the store and found really very good stuff on cheap price. Beds are good but other furniture are very beautiful and cheap in price.