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The Lifestyle Shop

Well said, Riley.

I agree... yes, it's important to seek out value. Not knocking Ikea, but it is "starter" furniture for the most part. I've always looked at it that way. It's the place you go when you're furnishing your dorm room or your first apartment in your twenties. Now that I'll be moving into my first purchased home, I'll be purging and looking for pieces that will stand the test of time and be with me for years to come.
Exactly. When I moved into my first purchased home I moved in with a lot of ikea I already had and I had a great time upgrading and replacing everything with unique pieces (some antiques here and there) and some amazing one-of-a-kind modern pieces from trips around the world. It's great creating spaces that really say something about who you are and that you know will last forever and may even eventually pass on to kids or whatever. There's a tremendous sense of satisfaction in creating unique rooms with personality and finding that perfect piece here and there to fit in. You'll be so proud to come home to it and have people over, rather than just having functional pre-fab utilitarian furniture. Enjoy the process urban vigor! If u need or want any tips or suggestions on stores or places to find certain pieces let me know as I might have a suggestion, or if discover a cool place please pass it on.
So Urban, what was the outcome? I am constantly in the Lifestyle Shop. Love it there, and don't find it very expensive.
However, I was being wooed by the big, deeper drawers of Positive's bed (not the $6800 double drawer bed).
The one I was looking at was approx $4000

I was going to make the purchase without mentioning anything to Frank & Yvonne and Lifestyle, but I was in there and decided to be honest.
Their bed is $2000 and the can be customized... so I can get everything I want and it will likely still come in at lower than 4K (customized headboard, deeper drawers, higher end tracks) in the colour I want, delivered, put together etc....

I agree with you and riley about quality. I love sleep. And the give on the slats on a good bed count for comfort. And I love that I don't have to buy a dresser or nightstands since I have the 6 drawers built into my bed.

Could I have bought a hydraulic lift storage bed? sure, and yes for less money. But I want east and functionality along with quality in the things I use every day in my home. I'm not the type of gal who has a guest couch and an everyday couch, or good vs everyday dishes.

Now, I'm coming up with a list of other items that I can get customized instead of picking up at ikea (modular real wood shelves instead of Expedit perhaps?) Louis IVX chairs in whatever upholstery I want?

bottom line, gread value at the lifestyle shop.
fyi. Lifestyle shop storage bed = real wood (unlined drawers)
Positive = lined drawers... I just called them to ask, and they told me it's not hardwood, but engineered wood...hmmm. why line the drawers with fabric?
So Urban, what was the outcome? I am constantly in the Lifestyle Shop. Love it there, and don't find it very expensive.
However, I was being wooed by the big, deeper drawers of Positive's bed (not the $6800 double drawer bed).
The one I was looking at was approx $4000

Hey Figs, no outcome just yet as my condo won't be built for sometime. So it's just constant window shopping for me! I still need to give Positive Space a greater review aside from the quick "driveby" of the $6,800 model.

Ultimately, what are you thoughts on the selection and value at Positive? Sounds like the Lifestyle Shop may be the best value.
Positive Space has a display at the Fall Home show in the better living building. I dropped by last night and was very impressed with their beds. The bed I was looking at starts at $2,500 vs. the $2,000 at the lifestyle shop. Once you customize it to your tastes, it will probably run you around $3,500. Lifestyle was at the top of my list, now I am leaning towards the bed at positive space.

Not sure about the drawer material, however the tracks are good quality. Opens and closes very smooth and has the anti slam feature.
I'll have to give Positive Space a closer look.

What is making you lean towards their bed for $500+ more?
I liked the style and look of the bed compared to the one at Lifestyle. The wood headboard has a great look to it (clean and simple). After giving it the shake test, the bed was very sturdy. I also liked the anti-slam drawer feature (i believe its included in the $2500 price). He did mention the matress is not included. You can customize to add night tables for extra charrge. Not sure if lifestyle included anti-slam and or matress in the price.

Anyway if you are spending $2k on a bed, it"s probably worthwhile checking all options. I also found some cheaper storage beds at Casa Life and BLVD but didn't like the quality (made in china).

Lifestyle does not include anti-slam drawers in the price so it becomes less than $500 more for style preference which is certainly reasonable. I'll have to check out Positive to compare. I liked the style and look of the bed at Lifestyle as it has rounded corners and a clean look - nothing breathtaking, but certainly very nice and I'm very confident in the quality. One thing that's interesting is the wooden slats used on the bed - apparantly they're very high quality and actually assist in making the bed more comfortable. Mattress is not included which can be expected.
Bringing back some life into this old thread since I walked into Positive Space on King East today to (finally) give all their beds a good look. I'm moving into my new condo this Fall so I'd better get on this. :)

I looked at the $2,500 model that cityboy mentioned. Although I found the headboard too simple looking for my taste, it appears to be a solid bed and decently styled overall. Anti-slam hinges are included in the drawers, unlike at the Lifestyle Shop so the difference in price becomes marginal. I think I'm still leaning towards the modular style, rounded corners, and my understanding that the slats may be better quality at the Lifestyle Shop but I think both are good options. Oh, pretty sure that the Lifestyle Shop has 4 drawers to Positive's 6 so the extra drawers and anti-slam included makes for $500 difference.

Both are good options.

Any other in this class to compare?
I actually bought the bed from Positive Space last June. They have a showroom in Mississauga with all their beds on display. My bed with taxes was $3,800 which included the attached nightstands. The construction is excellent and assembles rather easily and quickly.
I am months from occupancy and life has created massive delays in my window shopping plans. Thankfully, I had checked out both the Lifestyle Shop and Positive Space and while I'm leaning towards the Lifestyle Shop, I'm wondering if there are other places I should consider for storage beds before I make a final decision. Anyone?
Update: I moved into my new condo, purchased the storage bed at Condosize, and I love it! After shopping around, I'm very happy with my decision!