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The Fountains Of Toronto

Not to mention that the Gore Park fountain isn't even original, just a copy of the actual original fountain. There was a really ugly concrete fountain in between the two.
Interesting you brought this one up - there is another in the area where they literally had to repair the stucco/concrete every few years.

I love the one on The Esplanade at Hahn Place - simple but visible all down The Esplanade and this year they have all the lights working too so it is really a neighbourhood beacon.
10 points to the person who can guess where this fountain is located:



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May 29

Courtesy of Taller, Better at

Very pleased to see they FINALLY repaired the water fountains on University Avenue. The repair project seemed to stall during the reign of our previous Mayor (like so many projects) but now things are back on track.




Nice. I still wish we had real fountain here instead of these sprinklers. It would also be nice to see the monument lit.

Is anyone else concerned that something will go wrong and the fountain will be out of use again for a few years?
No doubt those current University Avenue photos are digitally enhanced. Everyone knows that this city has no working public fountains... :p
I agree. A bold monument like the South African War Memorial would look great lit up at night. The 48th Highlanders Memorial and equestrian statute in Queen's Park North should also be lit up.

All of the statues at Queen's Park ought to be.