News   May 17, 2024
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News   May 17, 2024
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News   May 17, 2024
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Some GTA Aerials by Tim MacDonald (Covid19 induced Boredom)

Lower right showing entrance for one of the sewer projects. A couple of weeks before the March 23rd Covid chaos, Technicore had a ton of equipment here. Now, it's nothing but a pit with fencing scarring the landscape.
Must have been a different flyer, Jason. I was well west of Mississauga road (below right) and I think it was probably noonish. One of these days I'm sure we will pass each other as we choose the same spot at the same time :)
BTW, I'm impressed with the distance I'm getting out of the mini. For wifi only, it seems to give me great range.

The wee one has been making it difficult for me to get out of the house lately.

Some UTM/MGCC stuff today.

A slightly busier Mississauga Golf Club today: