News   Jun 14, 2024
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News   Jun 14, 2024
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News   Jun 14, 2024
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Some GTA Aerials by Tim MacDonald (Covid19 induced Boredom)

A little post dinner shave and pave action on Erin Mills Parkway tonight.

Six points reconfig update:

Dundas street Looking west from Shorncliffe to the West Mall. Honeydale Mall property being used for trailer storage.
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OK, so I'm curious about the fenced off area above. Corner of Winston Churchill and Speakman/Upper Middle. It's in the hydro field but I'm wondering why it was partitioned in such a way and if there was ever a building on the premises.

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"Invisible Fence"
Sausga downtown on the left, Humber Bay or Etob on the right with Toronto downtown barely visible through the haze on the far right.
I think it has to do with the cancelled extension of the Queensway which was supposed to cross the credit river and continue west to Winston Churchill

Looking north 427 just South of Bloor st. Major changes to this section of Etobicoke underway for the last ten years. Tridel on the west side completed with Valhalla on the right approaching final construction The two sandstone coloured office towers (formerly Valhalla Executive centre - not sure what it is now named) will go for major redev in the coming years changing the face of The East Mall and Bloor.
Cloverdale mall looking south over the old Target/Zellers. Big changes planned for this mall, at least pre-Covid19, which will make this an historical photo eventually.
Some Port Credit action on a gloomy day:

Looking West-Shores of Port Credit project rising in the distance with excavation/soil remediation visible to the left at Brightwater