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Search Forum function

It seems that checking off the "Titles Only" box when searching actually produces results where that word (or words) appear in the title of a thread only. AT LAST!!!
I'm still somewhat baffled at the behaviour of the SEARCH function, even with Advanced Search. I sometimes wonder when the algorithm takes its coffee break.

When it comes to searching a specific project thread and database titles I'm guessing that inconsistent title formatting (what words are first, do project threads all start with "Toronto", perhaps an UPPER/lowercase issue etc.) is partly in play.

But a number of very busy topics are sometimes downright difficult to find. Even one of the longest threads in history, CIBC Square, returns odd results when you search CIBC keyword (all UPPERCASE like the actual thread title) with the TITLE only option checked: "Europe Tour" commands the top of the search results page while CIBC Square is banished to a spot near the bottom of the page.

LINK TO "CIBC" search results.[title_only]=1&o=date

I guess I missed the how to search workshop... any illumination/clues are most welcome.
Yes, it is FAR from perfect and even if one limits the search to "search titles only' you often get results that do NOT have the word or phrase in the thread title!
Its a Xenforo thing I believe. Can look into it further.


Just for fun I searched "commerce" to see if I could get CommerceCourt3... got a bunch of unrelated stuff and, ironically (given my example posted earlier), got CIBC Square near the bottom of the page ;-) Then I revised my search with an uppercase C - "Commerce" and behold, got CC3. Tried again with "wellesley" (useless stuff returned) and then "Wellesley"... delivered a full page of on-target results.

So maybe that's all I have to remember when I search (or rather Search). :) Perhaps a simple keyword search could be made even smarter regardless of UPPER/lowercase etc.?
Not the exact same issue, but hitting 'What's new' shows me threads from the forum on other sites (such as Calgary, Chicago), but when clicked I get this error below. Either we shouldn't see the threads in 'what's new' or we should be able to access them.

A recent example: came up in my 'what's new'.

Oops! We ran into some problems.
The requested thread could not be found.
This STILL does not show up in a Search!
The Oculus STILL does not show up if one searches Oculus and "Search Titles Only" - it DOES show up if you search everything. The UT search function remains a mystery as one would (wrongly assume) that if you search a word and it is NOT in the thread title it would not appear in the search results (they do) and that if you want a word there it would be found (and it's not!)