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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Does anyone know what the actual deal is with her? Are these accusations from nowhere? From knee jerk racists? I honestly have no idea and just wondering.
Jennifer Pagliaro ‏@jpags 2m2 minutes ago
"Doug is different than his brother," one woman says. Says she's supporting Ford. Says Rob has helped. "Maybe he will make a change."

Living proof why, in my opinion, Crazy Town can't be trusted to elect our leader. Let the councillors go back to doing it, like they used to. They are the ones who have to work with the individual and probably know her / him better than we do.

Just my opinion, but it would save us a lot of grief.

TORONTO VOTES: Bed bug war off the radar in city despite being called an ‘epidemic’

Appointment by elected counsellors make doesn't seem far fetched.
So the anti-Ausma site listed first on the door hanger (meetausmamalik dot ca) is registered to one Matthew Lau (albeit with a US address), who may or may not be the guy who posted this:


Fixated on Marxism, huge Don Cherry booster (hmm), member of the Let Ford Be FB group.


You might want to LinkedIn him too, his CV is err, interesting.

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Francis D'Souza @cityfrancis · 15m 15 minutes ago
New @ipsosnewspolls shows race tightest in Scarborough (Ford 41%, Tory 39%) & Etobicoke (Tory 39%, Ford 38%) #TOpoli
Cynthia Mulligan @CityCynthia · 12m 12 minutes ago
Poll by @IpsosReidPoll also shows Doug Ford's support lowest in old city of Toronto, 16% Tory has 47% and Chow has 35% #topoli

So proud to be from Scarborough...

A very unsurprising endorsement.
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I will be surprised if Ford actually polls at 30 per cent or above on election night.
After looking at some of the crosstabs on the most recent batch of polls I think he'll poll somewhere between 25 and 29%

I think you have something there. Ford's highest numbers are in Scarborough and Etobicoke - Scarborough, especially, has low turnouts, while old Toronto (where Ford is lowest) has the highest.

I can't see how Ford could ever pull it off. He needs big wins in the northeast and northwest corners to offset his horrible downtown numbers, and those wins are not there.

Unless that vote-buying thing actually becomes a thing...

Is that contest for voting percentages still open?
betsy powell ‏@powellbetsy 1m1 minute ago
Senior says there's Mel Lastman Square where will Ford Square be. "God willing I'll be back in 4 years and you and I can pick out a square."


I'll say. Lastman ran North York for quite some time before he got Mega-Citied up. And, regardless of what you think of him, Art Eggleton barely has a postage stamp with a swing set on Harbord. Now, there IS a tiny spot behind my office space at College and Yonge where the restaurants dump their grease. Maybe it could be expropriated for this (ig)noble cause.
June Rowlands somehow got a nice park at Mount Pleasant and Davisville. I have no idea why.

In some ways, I think the first thing to do when the new mayor and council are sworn in will be to effect the name change of Douglas B. Ford Park. I'm sure we can find a backbench MPP from Etobicoke who actually managed to serve more than one term, and hence might have had more influence and legacy than Doug Sr. Though I suppose that would be just about anyone.
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