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Rob Ford's Toronto

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She is the Mama Bear of a highly dysfunctional clan. She is the chief enabler. Cancer and age have nothing to do with any venom or disdain displayed here
Come on guys give the girl a break! The bag is small, black and discrete! Not like she chose to wear the big signature Louis Vuitton!

Seriously though, I doubt she actually owns a non designer bag. When you can only choose between Prada, Louis and Gucci I guess it's problematic lol.

"Black" sounds too pedestrian, maybe it's "Ethiopian Night".
Whoaaaa...Diane Ford hasn't done anything to deserve that kind of venom. It's great to see 'any' cancer survivor out and about. There's nothing the matter with being old...and a woman.

Videodrome is right, Diane is the classic Dowager Queen. She makes the plans for the Ford family, it's the kids job to carry them out.
Diane is a horrible human being and being a woman and old doesn't grant her a pass. Old rich white guys aren't the only people capable of being terrible.
Somali Night? How about just some other night, eh Josephine?

Good Lard, peeps! Can you imagine, *both* Diane and Karla turn up at your door? Yikes! I'd be horrified. So much things to say, my head would explode!

Knowing my luck, it would be tea time and I'd be buck naked with only a can of beans and a cigar.

They used to say "small match starts big fire." At your door would be a flame thrower and a 5-gallon gas can.

Make it stop!! Ow!!
Has the mayor made a statement explaining why he was illegally campaigning at a polling station?
I think we all know what any statement would say: "I was not there or, if I was, I was only in the building using the washroom because of my cancer treatment and .... subways, subways, subways." Camping at its finest!
Has the mayor made a statement explaining why he was illegally campaigning at a polling station?

Rob has eaten so much McDonalds food over 40-odd years that I'm pretty sure he thinks Mayor McCheese makes all the rules in McDonaldland.
As such, he can do whatever the heck he likes. He doesn't even need to know the rules. He even pretends not to know them when caught breaking them.

Ironically, for City laws and rules, as chief magistrate, they're *his* rules. You wanna call that "respect"?
Has the mayor made a statement explaining why he was illegally campaigning at a polling station?

Please feel free to choose from the following list:

- I didn't know there was a rule, I never read that rule book.
- I was never there, the media are biased maggoty liars.
- Ok I was sorta there, maybe. I'm sorry that you're offended. Important thing is past is past, I'm moving forward.
- What are you gonna do about it, huh? You know who I am? I own this F&$(*&NG town!
- Who wants to take some selfies with da mayor?!
Oh gawd, now Olivia is mentioning that Jack Layton's file at PMH also got breached...for crying out loud, WTF? Who cares? Awful "me too" response that is years too late.


Easy there, Alvin. The G&M asked Oliva a question and she answered it. She isn't jumping on a bandwagon and said so herself:

“Jack Layton’s medical records were breached, yes,” she said Friday when contacted by The Globe. “I am totally satisfied with what Princess Margaret Hospital did in dealing with the situation,” she said. “It is an old matter. It is a matter that is in the past.”

It's the G&M and that's making the issue of medical privacy — and rightfully so, IMO.
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