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Rob Ford's Toronto

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This crowd is smart. They are asking Doug tough questions regarding past votes.

Shawn Jeffords @Shawn_Jeffords
Audience member asks Ford about his record voting about private landlords. He voted for a cut to tenant defense fund, he says. #TOpoli
Daniel Dale @ddale8
Ford says he doesn't know what vote the man is talking about, really, but "there's always a reason" for how he votes.
Shawn Jeffords @Shawn_Jeffords
Man brings record of votes up to Ford to prove it. #TOpoli
Shawn Jeffords
Ford says he is forced to admit, when it comes to this, he follows Rob's lead. #TOpoli

Daniel Dale
This is the kind of debate fact-check Ford opponents have pleaded for Tory and Chow to do. They rarely do it.
I just saw a picture on the Twitter of Mom and Karla out camping this afternoon. Karla is carrying her Prada handbag. I kid you not.
Douglas actually said in public that he follows Rob's lead on council votes. This man has no self-respect.

That's without mentioning the bit about how he always votes a certain way for a reason. Oh, really, Douglas....I thought you voted certain ways for no reason at all.

So, he isn't as intelligent nor as self-important as some believed.
The Chinese did, at least in the southern parts. It is considered a delicacy. Allegedly keeps out the cold. With the rise of pet ownership in recent years, I'd imagine a serious backlash for restaurants with this item on the menu.

Ok I leave the site for a minute and we are now talking dog meals ?
I like to say stereotype because not everyone eats dog in Korea since there are ready alternatives these days. Asian cultures, not unlike others, have "exotic" (at least from some outsiders perspective) proteins in their meals. I have heard of dog used in meals in other countries, not just Asian ones.

On a side note, equine is popular in France, it freaks some people but protein is protein.

Eating dog has never really been a mainstream thing in Korea and it remains controversial there. It would be like saying that North Americans eat squirrel just because a small number of people do.

Horsemeat is pretty great although I understand not everyone likes the idea of it. I've witnessed people consuming it unwittingly (due to a language barrier) who thought it was the best steak, carpaccio, etc., they had ever had.
What, you don't carry your Prada when you go camping? What are you, some sort of elitist? ;)

I know we've been using it instead of 'campaign(ing), but I bet Karla would go camping if there were such things as Gucci tents and Chanel sleeping bags ... maybe a Prada or Michael Kors groundsheet. She seems more of a creature comforts person otherwise.
It's in Rexdale, that's the important thing; same fixation as Robbie on Rexdale.

Back to this, because nobody seemed to follow up my guesswork: I presume the place DoFo referred to is this

which, in fact, has been (and justifiably so) a Doors Open attraction in the past


So I can see why he'd choose it; it truly is a spectacular "secret landmark" within the 416.

Yet the funny thing is: unless you want to blanket-label all of North Etobicoke as "Rexdale", it *isn't* really in Rexdale; it's way up in the far NW facing 427, Finch, the Claireville Dam et al--and, incidentally, in Ward 1. But it's saying something that DoFo said "Rexdale"--and it's also saying something that in spite of his presumed near-constant existence up there and in environs, which also should mean near-constant *engagement*, he didn't know of the place until now?!?.

And of course, my suspicion that he's drawn to it for all the wrong reasons, i.e. the over-the-topness of material and decor appealing to his "Ed's Warehouse" go-big-or-go-home aesthetic sensibility. (Whereas Aga Khan would be too "cerebral" for DoFo to understand.)

Oh, incidentally: re DoFo's reference to "art stores": I suppose this would count within the art-store archipelago out there
Vegetarian is no meat or fish (and no gelatin or other meat byproducts from dead animals). There are people who claim to be vegetarian and eat fish, or chicken, or whatever, but they're talking bollocks. Then there's vegan, which is no animal products at all (no cheese, eggs, milk, leather, honey, etc). I'd be tempted to become vegan if it wasn't for my love of cheese (some of which is made with animal rennet, so again not vegetarian).

Opinions seem to be divided among vegans about honey - whether it's really depriving the bees of something in the same way as taking eggs from chickens or milk from cows (and veal is essentially a byproduct of dairy production). Same with leather, but more among vegetarians.

Something that used to bug me a lot was vegetarians who smoke, since they seemed to care more about animal welfare than other people's air. Not so much now there are fewer smokers these days.

But really, so many people are clueless about what some foods are or what they contain or where they come from. People avoid gluten for reasons they don't fully understand. I've heard people asking whether certain foods contained eggs because they 'didn't eat dairy'.
I just saw a picture on the Twitter of Mom and Karla out camping this afternoon. Karla is carrying her Prada handbag. I kid you not.

to be fair... Diane is rocking those jeans.

Gawd... I'm jealous of an octogenarian's body!
Seriously time to hit the gym.
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