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Rob Ford's Toronto

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...It's all proven far less newsworthy than the first round. Apart from the inevitable fawning appearance of Joey Worms in 20's gangster drag, we haven't heard a peep from the media. Ford is actually being ignored for the first time since May 2013.

Is he still in hospital?? Is he back at home?? How is he feeling?? Is he starting to feel the world has forgotten him??

Who knows! Who cares! This is fucking bliss!!!

Rob Ford sighting! He is at a polling station right now.

The man is killing himself just to get attention...

Oh fuck me, looks like I spoke too soon!

Rob Ford actually called a presser to cover him voting. What a shameless famewhore.

Stay tuned for Ford's next exciting media exclusives: "Rob Ford eats a burger" and "Rob Ford ties shoelaces"
Mayor Crime Lord ‏@TOMayorFrod 17m17 minutes ago
I just voted in the advance poll. (Don't tell Doug I picked Goldkind though). Info: #TOpoli

jeebus, is he advance voting in case he's not around much longer? :confused:
Why is he all dressed up for an advance poll?

Because he is the Mayor of Toronto for God's sake and it's incumbent upon somebody in such a position to keep up appearances. Rob Ford knows this all too well. He would never appear in public, in photographs or video with, for example, no tie. Image is important.
Going back to hospital 2 days after the elections - must either be for a third round of chemo, surgery, or for more testing to see how the chemo went (and whether to then undergo surgery or more chemo or whatever).
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