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Rob Ford's Toronto

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And of course, just how could someone like that work with anyone? Through lubrication of course.


I doubt Doug Jr is empathetic enough to consider lube. I'm certain he'd use coercion, blackmail, intimidation and unholy heaping of lies, lies, lies. I imagine him sitting in his Meryl office summoning his minion councilors on to a dramatic carpet to be brow beaten and threatened. With most leaving in a Stintzesque state.
For mayor?

CP24 9:24am via TweetDeck
Ford says he received an endorsement from John Tory in 2010.

What the hell? This is the bombshell endorsement that Graeme thought was so clever? Figures.

Hey Doug, if endorsements don't matter and the only endorsement you need is from voters, what's the point of claiming Tory endorsed you ... in 2010, when you weren't running for mayor? Do you think he endorses you now? No? Then STFU.
Isn't Michael Ford running for trustee ? That is one of the nephews .

Liz, not much is known about Mikey other than photos and the fact that he changed his last name.

As you know, he was originally to have been a councillor, then got bumped down to trustee.

Do you think he makes a viable candidate for either position? Would you say Mikey is "on the ball"?

I don't believe he attended any candidates debates.
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The answer is Rob Ford.

lol, well that ole Graeme, he's a sly one pulling the mediasheeps wool over our eyes, yup.. He's probably so pleased with himself he'll need a cigarette and a change of underwear.

That and they couldn't actually muster a single above pay grade endorsement is my take away..
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Interesting that even though DoFo has donated his entire councilors salary to charities, none of it went to Rotary and they only got money from him that one time.
Chemo must have been very hard on Rob this time, he's still in the hospital. It's supposed to be 3 days of chemo, then home for 18 days, he stayed nearly a week last time IIRC, and this time even longer. Not looking good.
I suspect Ford is hospitalized longer than most chemo patients due to co-morbidity factors ... Certainly his obesity and quite likely some ongoing addiction issues.
Just a reminder to PM me your DoFo election % prediction. The pool closes at midnight on Wednesday, October 15th.
Interesting that even though DoFo has donated his entire councilors salary to charities, none of it went to Rotary and they only got money from him that one time.
Has anybody come across a shred of evidence that Doug Ford actually did donate his city salary - even part of it - to any charity?
Lawn sign report from Ward 13.

I moved to this ward in the late 1970's from Ward 4. This is what I see on my neighbourhood walks.

Almost no mayoral signs seen. Saw a few for Ms. Chow.

What I did see were of lot to re-elect Councillor Doucette. Also, many "Save out Village" signs.

What this indicates to me, and from talking to neighbours, is that many in the area have very little interest in the other 240 square miles.

We have the subway and High Park. What most do not want is those cranes in the sky Doug keeps boasting about. NIMBY! ( There I said it. :D )

Perhaps that's why Doug got booed by the "ignorant" folks at the Ward 13 debate?

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