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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Or gawd forbid, crown attorney. Didn't someone said/insinuated publically that the case is all hush hush because of it involved way too many of the rich and powerful?


Well this could pop the lid off a lot of things now wouldn't it? Who cares about a hockey personality when you can bag yourself a judge in the Easter egg hunt???



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I have no way of knowing, but I also heard that.

"Cherry’s vehicles — two 1983 Lincoln Continentals (one white, one black) and a 1991 Ford F150 Flare Side truck — are older than many NHL players. He lives on an unremarkable street in Mississauga, in a house so modest it would give Justin Bieber a panic attack. The tattered leather recliner upon which he perches inside his basement “refuge” was purchased in 1964."
I wonder how many cops will be on hand in case any sore losers show up? A celebration will be like rubbing salt in a wound. After seeing the FN howler monkeys at the debates, this sounds like it has the potential for violence. I would stay the hell away from it.

Mayor Rob Ford says 2014 campaign will 'be a bloodbath'

Just to chime in on this, but it'll send the wrong message if people stay home due to the supposed threat, hearsay or not, of FN morons coming to incite violence in the Square. In ways I see this as a strange form of protest. Chow supporters, Tory supporters, any other supporters - at least people can be vocal in showing their distaste of the bullshit from the past 4 years.

And if people do get violent and police aren't around to contain it... it wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea to finally clobber the mouth breathers at the debates in the name of self defense.
He's 80. Hard to imagine him doing hardcore drugs

This is essentially why I crossed him off and moved on to the other suspects, but you never know for sure I guess. I do stand corrected on his place of residence. My Kingston info was old.

I still say it's Healy. As for the 'judge' or whatever position this person may hold, if true (and I find it very likely to be) this could help explain what I'd call the 'unorthodox' approach TPS has taken regarding this whole fustercluck.
I thought Cherry lived in Mississauga (i.e., not that far from Etobicoke) and that Healy lived in Ajax?

He used to live right on the corner of Mississauga Road and Dundas in Mississauga, but I seem to recall hearing recently that he sold his house.
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