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Rob Ford's Toronto

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In a recent interview or radio program, wish I could remember which, Doug offered the surprising new information that in fact, the teens staying at the Griffin Centre's Jeffcoat Road residential home weren't autistic and that people had been misled about that.

I think it was Metro Morning on CBC. I remember hearing Doug saying they weren't autistic and I think maybe that they weren't 'kids' either, but I'm not sure if he said what they were if they weren't autistic (but still in need of being kept indoors?).
So he refuses to debate a Jewish candidate who called out his brother's anti-Semitism and made him look foolish in a debate?

The Ford Nation idiots online are attacking Goldkind as a "hypocrite" because he said he was not religious.

I bet that includes this year's model of Queen's Quay Karen: 'Kelly Gail Ford', who initially objected to Goldkind's presence at the debate due to his being unknown and also his appearance (in not so subtle crypto-bigoted terms). Then Ford made his claim regarding Karla, KGF wanted to know why Goldkind wasn't religious and talking about religion because, uh, it's important in politics. Now it seems that Goldkind isn't allowed to object to anti-semitism because he's not Jewish enough, but Doug's subsequent clarification to the effect that 'my wife's Jewish ... kinda ... way back, not really ... shut up!' is enough?
Market rent apartments at a discount?

StrashinCBC 12:45pm via Twitter for BlackBerry
Doug Ford just told audience that Ford administration has helped reduce rents for thousands of units. Not sure where this is from.

It has to do with property taxes and the fact that multires/commercial/industrial hikes are 1/3 that of single family....That is not a programme instituted by the Ford regime it is just another Miller programme D Ford wants to take credit for along with the 75/25 surplus break, core service review and others I can't think of at the moment....
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But - i will be a changed person, for the worse. Without overdramatizing, it will be a change akin to the way my eyes were opened after 9/11.

What a day that was. I saw all the skyscrapers and the Eaton Centre being evacuated. We watched huge crowds of office workers streaming towards Union Station. The court houses at Old City Hall, Osgoode Hall, University Ave. were all shut down because they were so close to the American Embassy. The CN Tower was also evacuated.

I understand the candidates have a city to build, progress and all that.

But, the mayoral candidate I will vote for is the one I believe is most prepared to handle Toronto's Emergency Plan.
“The truth of the matter is, there isn’t any kids with autism in that house,” Ford said. “It was very clear, the police were being called every single second day, the fire trucks were showing up every second day, the windows were being smashed out, there were kids in backyards.”

Really Doug? The police and fire trucks were there every second day? 180 calls a year?

Not only does he NOT apologize, he doubles down on the lie and makes it an even bigger lie.
They do. Each got one when they got their licence.

This stuff about the Ford tradition of giving cars to their kids makes me think of what Miller got wrong with the VRT. I've always felt that applying it to every car punished people some people who had no option to own a car, e.g. parents of young children, people who need them for work etc. IMO, the VRT should have been treated like a lifestyle/luxury tax. For example, every household in T.O. could have one car registered to the address, tax free. Registration taxes could then be applied to additional cars, as ownership becomes more of a choice than a necessity.
I think it was Metro Morning on CBC. I remember hearing Doug saying they weren't autistic and I think maybe that they weren't 'kids' either, but I'm not sure if he said what they were if they weren't autistic (but still in need of being kept indoors?).

From a couple pages ago:
from the insidetoronto story:

The centre recently purchased and renovated the house at 22 Jeffcoat Dr. where four challenged youth, some with autism, have lived for the past two months. All have learning issues and emotional problems, which include anxiety, depression, explosive anger and complicated family situations that prevent them from living at home, Deanna Dannell, Griffin Centre’s director of youth and family support services, told the crowd.

He's talking out his ass about the patients not being kids but he's right not all the kids had just autism. HOWEVER.. He's full of shit about having been mislead about that. The whole house for (just) autistic kids thing he made up. (Not unlike the Orthodox roots were Jewish.)
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Shows you how much I know about cars! My son drives a 'Stang, so I thought that's what Mikey Ford would get.

Give me a Cadillac or Lincoln like their uncles drive. But, not the tank style they prefer.

I thought about including a joke about Mikey thinking the Mustang must be a girlie car. But I'm a FordCAR guy myself, maybe I'll get an older one when I retire.
And now that I think about that, Mikey wasn't a Ford then, so didn't have to get a car with his name all over it.
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