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Rob Ford's Toronto

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Argh! Just heard on CP2Ford Doug essentially accused Kristin Wong-Tam of "dirty politics" ( ie faking the letter). Ridiculous station passed this off as Ford "not condoning" homophobia !

Common wing nut practise.
Jonathan Goldsbie ‏@goldsbie · 10m
A Sunwing plane passes overhead, inspiring dreams of sun-baked expanses more pleasant than this.
Questions at Doug Ford's next presser:

Why did Doug Ford cross the road?


KFC, Popeyes, Swiss Chalet, Dave's or Mary Brown's (the best legs in town)?

He's no chicken, he's a loud-mouthed schnook

To further the Fester & Karbunkle metaphor, maybe this post-chemo Zombie RoFo would wind up unzipping his body suit to reveal a gorilla, and then beat a constituent to a pulp

I smell a reality show in the works, or a Japanese game show. :D
reporterdonpeat 6:03pm via iOS
Crowd behind me chanting "Ford for Life".



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So Jenny is singing Stompa? Just sent a note to Serena giving her a heads up. I can guarantee she did not grant permission. Not that it will matter.
Nunziata is there too. Got me thinking - I wonder if anyone has looked into their connections to the fords as well. Franco always lets Thug get away with murder in council and he has mentioned more than once that she is like a sister (clearly a figurative statement because Kathy)
That guy (preferred him to Soks, actually) seems remarkably likable, intelligent, forthright and very together. He should keep up the profile. Would be great to see him have a shot in '18.

He definitely does seem that way but - agggghhh - I cannot get past the fact that he is defending that horrible awful MLG pedophile :(
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