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Rob Ford's Toronto

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The stream isn't working great for me. Care to keep up a play by play? I'm interested on how often they mention the election, on how involved the "moderators" are as I didn't see them in the first part, and how easy the questions are

ugh, god no. sorry! I'm busy working and it's on in the background - it's just more of the same of what we've heard previously.

but doug ford just said we have to do drug testing for all politicians across canada. so there's that...
That is just nasty - first telling everyone about her box, then trotting her out for the non-apology and now he is saying she got issues? The gall - his mother in law should CBT him, or better yet, get a pair of pruning shears.


But why? He's the best dad, ever! Hahahaaaaa....aaah, poor woman.
Warmington asking awful softball setup questions. Asking them at about the police following them with leading comments like "and who else they do that to" and "how much it costs"
Do you really think Smith was killed because of an ongoing dispute? I don't. He was killed because he either made or owned the video of Ford.

"Ongoing dispute" is vague enough to possibly refer to a week-long disagreement about the video, its worth, etc.
Ford claims he knew cops were following him the whole time. He kept calling the cops with plate numbers, but they weren't very forthcoming. He's not stupid, you know.
K I can't watch the stream I'm missing too much when it keeps skipping ahead. Can someone watching on TV PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put a post up when they mention anything regarding the election, Ford's campaign, etc.? It's part of an official complaint I'm registering with Elections Ontario and there's no violation if they don't mention the campaign or the election (regardless of the fact that this is obviously a campaign commercial)
That's not a good sign. It could mean that many people have tuned in which will boost their ratings.

I wouldn't worry about the ratings after today. He keeps saying all the same things, over and over. Next week will be the same again. No one but the truly "dedicated" will be able to listen another week.
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