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Roads: Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration (City of Toronto, UC)

Looks to be about 600m from the farthest spot to the GO tunnel. And about 700 from that spot to Islington station.
Well that's why people have brains, so they can use their common sense if they park at either end of the south east parking lot. If one parks at the extreme western end, they should walk to Kipling since it's closer. If on the other hand they park at the extreme eastern end of the lot, they should walk to Islington.

After a nice comfy drive, the least these people can do is enjoy a nice stroll to either Kipling or Islington. It's not as if they were already walking for 30 mins before that.
It is pretty far though. I wonder how that distance compares to some of the larger GO parking lots?

At Yonge/Finch the farthest spots are also 500-600m away.
Strange. When I click on the link I see my pictures. I will make a post on the weekend with the images embedded

I just spend last night and tonight reading this entire thread. Lots of great information. I have been living at 11 Dunbloor for 11 years now, so I am living with this project and all the other construction on a daily basis. My work commute is not really affected by any of this as I go North on Kipling in the morning and when I come home I turn left on the first street south of Burnhamthorpe and come out to Dundas opposite Michael Powers. On the weekends the traffic is not bad at all. It will be interesting to see how this all turns out. I am sure this area will remain "Under Construction" for 10 more years at least
Overhead circa 1956.

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You can check out the jp2 files here.

1956... In 10 years, the Bloor-Danforth subway opens only to Keele in 1966, but then reaching Islington in another 2 years, 1968. Kipling in another 12 years, by 1980. Only now, 2018-?, are they reconfiguring the Six-Points intersection to be more pedestrian friendly.
Crazy that the subway hasn’t gone any further west since 1980

Not really. Subways are inefficient after particular lengths, unless they have express service like in NYC/Chicago. Not gonna happen here because our lines are tunneled.

GO RER west along the Milton Line would be a lot better and faster way to get into Toronto.