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Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

Gotta say I really dislike this plan. It's just not intuitive. If you're going to build a new east-west arterial in that part of Brampton on a similar alignment to Major Mackenzie, why not just extend Major Mackenzie, and have Coleraine realigned to meet it slightly further west? Or you could even build a roundabout at Hwy 50/Major Mackenzie/Coleraine so you can access all 5 directions from one point?
oh my God getting in a roundabout with the amount of truck traffic there would be the scariest of nightmares lol

I really dislike their plan too

The 401/412 interchange takes up more than triple the space of a trumpet. Even crazier comparison is if you zoom out:
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I wonder how much of a constraint the rail corridor was in the 412 build. Excellent point regardless.

I'd bet the 418 build is even more massive
The 418 interchange is actually slightly smaller.


Both 412 interchanges are massive, though.

And some of the parclos are quite awful as well.
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Anyone know what the extra space under the 400/Steeles overpass is for? Are there/ were there ever plans to widen Steeles to 6 lanes through this stretch?
There were plans for that the section to Jane is completed 3 each direction plus a median, and this underpass is sized for that as well as the CP rail corridor bridge.
I emailed Google about it and felt too pleased with myself when it popped onto the map the next day :cool:
But it's still not showing the traffic flow and satellite imagery will likely remain out of date for a few years.
I remember when the 407 extension never got the update until months later. The fact that the 427 extension was locked and ready for the update the very next day shows that they were also tired of waiting until it finally opened as well 🤣.
Adding to our conversation about tighter highway corridors, I was driving north on the 410 Extension and noticed how narrow the corridor was constructed. It's actually quite nice how condensed they built it. MTO should really look into making that the standard design from now on, as I would assume it would make highway projects alot cheaper since it would need less land acqusitions and cheaper bridge work.
The 410 north portion has a ROW of 70 metres for example, compared to the 400 extension with a ROW of 110m.

The 407E has a ~180m ROW to accomodate the future Transitway (!)
The 413 also has a "transitway" so I'd imagine the ROW would be similar to 407E (which would be catastrophic for the area)
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