News   Jul 12, 2024
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News   Jul 12, 2024
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News   Jul 12, 2024
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Restaurant Comings & Goings

A Japanese restaurant is opening on the ground level of the parking garage on Charles East.

That's the same location where Tokyo Kitchen used to be. If they are re-opening, I hope that washrooms have been built inside the restaurant. They used to give you a key, and you had to go outside and venture up into the parking lot to use the facilities.
Saw this today in one of the still empty commercial spaces of 5 St. Joseph along the lane way.


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Another A&W is opening up on DuPont and Christie on the south west corner. They're opening brutally fast now. Though since Starbucks is the only "competition" in the area they should do okay.... and hopefully this means more commercial use on that particular strip. It's quite dead atm.
Mercatto on Toronto Street has closed. They are opening a new concept called Cantina Mercatto at 20 Wellington Street East.
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