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Rare Maps of Toronto

Friends - I'm looking for any information about Lyman Bros Chemical Works, esp pictures of their laboratory on 'Palace St' (Front St), as I continue to feed my obsession with the history of 177 Front St E, the Time and Space condos site. See here in Goad's 1880 Fire Insurance Map of Toronto - i drilled down on the lot.

The Lymans occupied the center block. I used this picture in a time travel story set at 177 Front St E which I sold to the realtor. Below is Front and Sherbourne in 1797 right ? hope so, as I wrote about it set there and so far nobody has disagreed

Weird thing happened - now I'm hooked. I spend my free time digging around all over the place online and I even went to the archives - waste of time. Went to archeology site at St Lawrence Market.

I sketched out some of the history of the St Lawrence area on Dumpdiggers blog. please don't be shy about giving critical feedback (what did i get wrong?) and info and period ads related Lyman Bros Chemicals. thanks from a rob