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Rail Deck Park (?, ?, ?)

Indeed - and this is actually west of the MTCC lands, which have decking plans of its' own as well. The potential of all that cannot be overstated.

I am skeptical as to how something like this could be funded given the lack of development sites to pay for it - and this section of the rail corridor is far wider than the bit closer to Union.

Can't find out just who is paying for it, but there is this ...


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For the record, Central Park is 843 acres.

yup, haha. I always underestimate the size of Central Park. Regardless, this would be a massive park for Toronto, probably the largest in the downtown core.

A key thing to remember is that the city has something like $300 million sitting in parks reserves from developments over the last decade - its a good chance a huge portion of the cost of this is going to come out of that. Its easy to forget that developments contribute to this pot every time one starts construction - and the fund rarely gets used beyond the odd park renovation. As far as I know it has almost never been used to actually purchase new parkland, that always happens through land dedication by developers or through using existing city owned lands. As for being city-wide, probably something like 80% of those funds come from the downtown.
Based on the cost of Millenium Park in Chicago of $33million an acre - puts the pricetag in the range of $700million
That's what I *thought*, but it's only the Barrie line that's proposed to have a stop there. It can play the support column role I suppose.

It's only the Barrie line for now. Metrolinx has proposed a station in that location for several different lines in the past (including a DRL stop)

I think it's safe to assume their long-term vision sees several lines stopping near that location as an alternative to Union.
yup, haha. I always underestimate the size of Central Park. Regardless, this would be a massive park for Toronto, probably the largest in the downtown core.

There was an interesting graphic that compares the size of Rail Deck Park to other Toronto parks. It's still quite huge even if it's not exactly Central Park.



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I'm as excited as anyone for this, but I gotta say I'm a little cynical about the lack of funding sources or even cost estimates. My gut says $700m might even be on the low side.

Good to see them think big - we just needed to see more than just thinking. And yeah, I wouldn't be surprised it might cost 1B - though presumably some of the cost can get rolled into various infrastructure projects.

That is tremendous. It really could go a long way to making the waterfront more accessible from that part of the city. Now if they would just do that over the whole dang rail lands.
A Planning spox essentially said that recommendations regarding funding sources and/or preliminary cost estimates may or may not come in the September report...

Tory also declined to hypothesize about timeframe, but noted construction might not begin during his next term (*aggressively sheds tears for multiple assertions contained in that statement*).