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Premier Doug Ford's Ontario

With the Development Charges being cut by Doug Ford's government, the municipalities will have to get revenue to build the sewers, water mains, roads, etc.. Likely the property taxes will have to go up.

In Mississauga, the Residential Tax Rate is about 0.803063%. Residential Farm Awaiting Development I is about 0.240919%, but those Awaiting Development II is about 0.803063%.

We'll likely see the stage I tax rate disappear and replaced with stage II 0.803063% rate, to make up for the lost development charges.


BTW. The Parking Lot Tax Rate is 1.866130%. Industrial Tax Rate is 2.115897%.
I'm not sure if we have an appropriate thread for this, but since Nuclear Energy in Ontario is the responsbility of Ontario Power Generation (a Crown Corp), I'll put this here:

Its a Globe and Mail piece that's sending up some alarms around aging pressure tubes in our reactors and the risks thereof.

Doug Ford says Ontario will accept Trudeau government’s conditions for new health-care funding.

Frankly, I can see no reason why any Province would object to telling the Feds how they spend the $$ they receive when it is given for a particular purpose and glad Ford is agreeing. Health Care is clearly a Provincial responsibility but if you get $$ to help pay for some of it it really makes no sense not to account for this.
Of course he said this at a photo-op at a Shoppers Doug Mart.