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Post your pictures of Toronto here!

A couple of shots at Christie Pits on Saturday evening, with a snow-denuded tobogganing slope in the foreground of the first pic, and the spires of
in the second one:



*Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Holy Protection of the Mother of God
With the quick melt, there is a considerable ice jam in the mouth of Mimico Creek and I would not be surprised if that were true elsewhere also. The water level in the creek is rising upstream as a result.
Lake Shore Blvd seems well above the rising waters but there is a low point on the road in Humber Bay Park West that might flood a bit.

PS. Be careful walking out there. It’s slippery!

Edit: the ice jam is mostly clear now and the water level has lowered substantially.
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Early evening over Lake Shore Blvd West in Mimico.

I think the shot may be of interest simply as a depiction of this part of Etobicoke in the evening but a detail in the shot may be of some further interest. This is not intended to initiate a discussion of world events. The Ukrainian consulate is in the building in the lower centre of the shot. If you look closely you will see that a demonstration is going on. That is also why there is a backup in traffic on the street.

Not sure how I'm expected to react to this photo.
Is it a joyous image of children at play?
.......a shocking image of adolescent vandalism?
.......a display of adult boredom?
.......a secret political message?
Or just a sign of the times?