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Post your pictures of Toronto here!

Shinny time in Mimico…

Love the snow pics. Toronto rarely gets blessed with accumulation like that so it's been a real treat.
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Took this during a snow storm in 2018. Didn’t get around to editing it until now. I wish I shot more CLRVs at Dundas Square. I always thought it was two obvious a location, but it’s a really cool backdrop and atmosphere.

I love peering down Adelaide street, gorgeous brick buildings at street level, a web of wires above, shimmering blue glass towers above them, the epitome of how you would describe Toronto. Also love the condo bookending the street 3km away in the distance at Jarvis. If you were standing at that condo and looking towards me, you would see St. Mary’s Cathedral bookending the west side at Bathurst. You can visualize where civilization ends and the streetcars fall off the edge of the downtowner’s universe.

West Queen West before the snow dump

It never ceases to shock me what Toronto does to, what once were, beautiful buildings. The ground floor of every single one has been butchered beyond recognition. Add some absurdly narrow concrete sidewalks, a jumbled mess of electrical, ugly plastic garbage bins, miles of asphalt, some nasty electrical poles, and hell, lets stick some giant insects on the side of the building. The whole thing has been TORONTO-IZED. The kicker: the wrote 'THIS IS PARADISE' on the side. Could it get any uglier? I guess there's always vinyl siding.