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Post your pictures of Toronto here!

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And while I am on the subject of boats, here are two shots of another vessel being delivered this spring. The two vessels were manufactured in Quebec, in Shawinigan, if I recall correctly. As you can see, this craft was delivered by trailer. The larger vessel, from which the skyline shot in the previous post was taken, had to be sailed up the St. Lawrence, through the locks, and along Lake Ontario from Kingston. Quite a voyage in an open boat! These two photos are from my son.

There is a large marina which serves many commercial watercraft tucked away in the eastern end of the harbour, a little known feature of Toronto life.

Hazy view of Humber Bay Shores and the Mississauga skyline in the distance as seen from the 15th floor rooftop of the McLennan Physical Labs building at UofT yesterday during Doors Open '22. The refractor telescope was installed in the mid-1960's shortly after construction of the building.
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Just some quick shots of the filming on Adelaide (New York) yesterday outside my office.
Got stuck in the traffic. (Not sure if there is a forum section for photos of the filming sets in Toronto).

A rainy day photo of a pond at Humber Bay Park. If you look carefully, you will see a Mute Swan nesting amidst the reeds. Less obvious is a Great Blue Heron standing to its right near the lower middle of the photo.

In the background is the central tower of the Marina del Rey complex. I think it is one of the most successful of the tower in a park developments in the city.

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Re Goldie’s “Royal” photo. My family and I walked out to Eglinton and Brentcliffe to see the Queen pass by back on that royal visit. I suppose that would be perhaps three minutes before the shot of her passing the IBM building. If my memory is correct, she was on her way to open the Golden Mile mall… which is now being redeveloped.
Views inside Bombardier Aerospace's nearly 1 million square foot Global7500 bizjet manufacturing facility located at the north end of Pearson Airport near Derry Road and Bramalea Road. It will be the largest standalone structure that’s been built on Pearson lands in 20 years. Design / construction supported by NEUF architects. It will be fully operational in 2024 when Bombardier Aerospace decommissions its Downsview plant (formerly DeHavilland Aircraft of Canada) after 90 years. Took these shots while on a recent hard hat / bus tour given to Bombardier Toronto employees. Rendering by NEUF Architects.
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