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PM Justin Trudeau's Canada


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Sep 5, 2017
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Astoundingly, you can't even manage to quote YOURSELF correctly.

If you are found to be guilty of a Federal CRIME, you are a criminal.

That is NOT what has happened in this case. Rather, the Prime Minister was found to have contravened certain rules, contained within the Conflict of Interest Act. Which is not a criminal offense.


I don't even wish to defend his conduct, but you must describe it accurately.
Oops. You used the word criminal, so I search for it and concluded I didn't use it.
I stand corrected. "Guilty of breaking federal law."
The authority for any level of government to do anything is by enacting laws. Under the Constitution, the federal government has exclusive jurisdiction to enact criminal law so, by definition, all federal law is 'criminal law'. But not every piece of legislation creates offences and those that do must clearly state so (i.e. 'everyone who does x if guilty of an offence'). I haven't looked at it in a while, but I doubt the Conflict of Interest Act creates offences. It empowers the Commissioner to conduct an investigation and table a report of findings. Period.