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Aug 22, 2008
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Guys/Gals, what does anyone think of Murano as an investment?? Good value? Building? Location Etc?
Let's put it this way, if you expect return of your investment comes from rental fees, etc, then it it's OK. ....not great, as there are alot of competitors in the area

But if you expect the ROI comes from condo price appreciation, then fuhggedaboutit
what are other building that are better to buy into? And what is the right price per sq on Murano.. I dont see why its so bad??

you might be living under a rock the last few months but the number of condo listings are through the roof in supposedly the slower part of the season. Prices have peaked and you would be buying at a loss at this point, the inventory is selling at a crawl in the past few months in the GTA and a tonne of listings are expected to hit the market in the next month for the fall season .... the concept of supply and demand nevers fails.
thanks for the heads up....Any buildings worth looking at to buy for rental etc . Boutique?? Cityplace? Maple Leaf?? Any direction would be great.

Murano Residents - Issues?

Can anyone living here post some interior shots (there are very few high quality pics on the net)? I also wouldn't mind seeing what the flooring and walls in the hallways look like. Last time I was in the North tower, the floors and walls weren't completed.

building has'nt registered yet, nothing available on the resale market. any one know how many units were damaged from the pipe that burst in the north tower??
The carpeting is at about the 16th floor right now in North Tower.

The flood on the 35th floor, which was caused by a water pipe bursting, affected 12th - 35th floors (in various degrees obviously), according to a "disaster recovery" expert hired by the builder I bumped into. They shipped in tons of dehumidifiers and fans, and took away ruined baseboards.
hmm similar to what i heard. here's a few photos i snapped from the BB. Hopefully the don't cheap out on the fix. The last thing this beaut of a building needs is mold problems


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i have a unit there, my wood floor, baseboard, closet are all messed up, they have to put a fan in my unit, can i ask for a upgrade or credit on the occupancy fee? i can't move in, and it is not a move in condtion.

how can i upload the pictures here?
Just left a message with Property Management....couldn't sleep last night with the damn machine in my unit (which by the way is plugged in my outlets!). Definitely looking for some sort of compensation