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Mayor John Tory's Toronto

Is this for the tunnel HydroOne are digging up Sherbourne from The Esplanade TS (which I though was already well underway) or for Ontario Line or ???


Id:R6406846 Closure
Type: Hazard Time Frame: Daily
From: January 23, 2023Until:February 3, 2023
Hours:12:00 pm to 3:00 am
Severity Impact: Minor
Road Class: Minor Arterial
Description: Toronto-TMC: Southbound one lane occupied due to receive delivery of tunnel boring machine.
Hydro One:
The fines should be BIG and go up for each passenger on the streetcar, and continues to go up as each streetcar gets blocked behind. Public transit should get a higher priority than trucks.

Blocking public transit because of the invisible snow windrow.
The motion was for 1.5M for 15 washrooms at 100k a pop.

On the capital side, that's immensely good value and saves certain extraordinary operating costs associating with annual openings and closings.

That said, it does have some operating budget impact, in terms of cleaning, repairs and daily opening/closings.

It was still a good motion; and should have been upvoted.

But the Mayor is inclined to listen to the advice of his political allies (who dominate budget ctte) and the bureaucracy who want to avoid any re-opening of the status-quo budget fearing it may be catchy...

The mayor was wrong, and those on whom he relies for advice were equally wrong.

Thought I'd bring this back, to discuss a Budget Briefing note posted today, concerning efforts at winterizing washrooms..............

To paraphrase too many a space movie........"Houston, we have a problem"

Notice the bolded above.

Here's a link to the new note:

From the above:


Say what? I don't think so!

In Delta, BC a brand new washroom from scratch comes in at 600k. How the 2#$# are getting to 525 on a basic re-fit?

Elora, ON is building a new, self-cleaning washroom for under 400k.

A basic level refit, spray foaming the waterlines where exposed or in an exterior wall, you can add additional insulation to the building as a whole, but that's not strictly necessary, and you probably should install some electric heating, but you don't need to keep the washroom at 21C, just not miserably cold, basic electrical upgrades and a couple of heaters should do fine; even if you need a new panel, I can't fathom getting to over 500k. I'm over simplifying here. Further, to be fair, there are some logical add-on costs, (probably repainting, and if you do have to jackhammer the slab at all, refinishing the floors.)

But man that is a seriously inflated looking number to me. At 525k, I want full HVAC, UV Disinfection, New lighting and fixtures, and Quartz countertops!

In all seriousness, if you're reno budget is running that high, you probably need to just level the building and start over.
The Budget Committee wrapped up today, and largely affirmed the Mayor's proposed budget unchanged.

Cllr. Bravo did manage to get a couple of suggestion/requests passed which may or may not go anywhere:


The Mayor will apparently state whether he will endorse any changes to the budget, before it goes to Council (on Feb. 14th) by February 1st.

If the Mayor endorses a change, it will presumably pass w/o issue. If he does not, I don't believe a Council voting block can be put together that would over-ride him.
To save money, fixing the sinkhole at King & University will take weeks.

Japanese road reopens one week after vast sinkhole appeared

The 30 metre hole was all but filled in within 48 hours, although health and safety checks delayed the reopening

From link.

A section of road in the centre of the Japanese city of Fukuoka has reopened just days after a sinkhole opened up outside a busy railway station and threatened to topple nearby buildings.

In a typical demonstration of Japanese workmanship and efficiency, workers toiled around the clocks and had practically filled in the section of road in just two days, according to local media.

The road reopened to traffic and pedestrians early on Tuesday after local officials declared the repaired stretch safe.

The weeklong rush to reopen the busy stretch of road included repairs to a sewage pipe and replacing traffic lights and utility poles that were swallowed when the sinkhole opened up shortly after 5am local time on 8 November (2016).

The incident caused power cuts and disrupted phone signals, and gas and water supplies, but there were no reports of injuries.