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Main Square (Main & Danforth, Talisker, 15 + 32s, G+C)

This may be moving Scotiabank from the corner in advance of building the tower in its place.
This small project is now underway
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Google have been updating their Toronto street view this fall. They went by here in October. Looks like the retail addition is nearly completed.

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Scotiabank has already moved in, and are open; the space to their east on Danforth is still vacant, and I assumed was destined to be an expansion of Tim's, but I don't know that.

The space to the south I'm not sure about, but it would make sense if they moved the rental office back in here, as this was its previous location (currently in one of the retail units that was vacant).

No indication yet that they are ready to demo the old plaza segment yet; but with Scotia out, assuming the rental office relocates, only the convenience store will be left.