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King Street (Streetcar Transit Priority)

I also expect to see fewer squirrel corpses on King (they go to and from St James Park). Count that as another win-win.

Although perhaps offset by the pigeons.



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Regardless what is done down the road, there will be driver who think nothing about a ticket since they have the money to deal with them in the first place.

And that is the beauty of the two demerit points in addition to the fines... Write all the cheques you want, but your license will quickly get pulled and then steeper penalties can kick in.
And that is the beauty of the two demerit points in addition to the fines... Write all the cheques you want, but your license will quickly get pulled and then steeper penalties can kick in.
I have no issue with it, but it should kick in after the 2nd offense, since some maybe out of towner's and some of those signs are hard to read at night. If everything is LED, then points lost on first ticket.

Been in an number of meetings over the years, the "so what" is used by the deep pocket folks who look down on everyone and couldn't care what the cost is. Now, are these deep pocket people going to pay the cost of their drivers who disobey the law to please their boss or are the drivers going to say no and hope they don't loss their job??
And that is the beauty of the two demerit points in addition to the fines... Write all the cheques you want, but your license will quickly get pulled and then steeper penalties can kick in.

Too bad the fines are not based on one's income.

From link.

Norway’s richest woman escapes heavy drunk driving fine

A 22-year-old Norwegian student has been handed a 250,000-kroner ($30,400) fine for drunken driving – but can still count herself lucky.

Katharina G. Andresen is reportedly Norway’s richest woman, with a fortune estimated by Forbes at $1.23 billion.

Fines for drunken driving in Norway are based on the defendant’s income. Newspaper Finansavisen reported that Oslo City Court said the penalty could have been up to 40 million kroner ($4.9 million) if based on Andresen’s assets, but they “have not yielded any dividend yet” and she has no fixed income. The court did increase the fine because of her estimated wealth, however.

Breaking the current laws in Toronto would be pocket change for rich folks like some mayoralty candidates. If fines were based on one's income, maybe they'll take the streetcar next time instead of driving.
That's for cars "entering Toronto". Does that mean the downtown core? Or the 416-905 boundary? I would expect more multi-passenger usage in the core to defray the cost of parking.

You will need the central cordon count for that. What figures I have seen (2006) suggests it's a 2/3 single occupancy to 1/3 multiple occupancy ratio.

I biked a good stretch of it yesterday, and literally every single driver I pulled up to at a stoplight where they aren't permitted to proceed straight through did exactly that. Saw one cop along the entire stretch (though obviously that was the weekend).
I've shared your observation in the three times I've been down and through there this week (just headed down again now), but reports vary wildly. No matter what the actual number, it's far too many.

Just a general question about the use of a Right-Turn Green Arrow. I was wondering if it has different meanings depending on the municipality? I was in Windsor over the summer and I noticed that they used them to represent the movements that cars were allowed to travel, similar to some ideas suggested here, since the pedestrian walk signal turns green at the same time. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, but it was definitely a shock to see it for the first time.
Green arrow
(14) Every driver approaching a traffic control signal showing one or more green arrow indications only or in combination with a circular red or circular amber indication and facing the indication may proceed only to follow the direction shown by the arrow. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 144 (14).

I suggest reading the whole section, complete with further discussion relevant to this string.

And I agree with Doug Ford on the demerit point issue. How is this a danger to safety as a moving violation? This is a by-law. Not an HTA infraction.
I see you know as much about the Law as Ford does. You make a good point, just not the one you think.

(9) The provisions of this section are subject to any sign, as prescribed by the regulations, forbidding a left turn, right turn, through movement or combination thereof that is posted at an intersection and every driver shall obey every such sign. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 144 (9).

Can someone give specific examples and pictures of these "Transit Malls" that seem to be talking points being passed around?.
Been discussed in detail time and again in this forum.
They really need to install flexi posts at cross streets so they block the right lanes. This is the only way to ensure people turn when they're supposed to. After 10:00pm taxis can use the streetcar lanes to go straight through. Would complicate snow clearing of course.
Well - the Sun have spoken :rolleyes:.

This is such f-sing bullshit on so many g*d levels.

1. What proportion of King Street restaurant customers are drivers?

2. Of those, what proportion require parking directly on King Street as opposed to the myriad of parking lots and nearby streets to park on?

3. OF THOSE, how many will suddenly say “oh I can’t be bothered finding parking elsewhere nearby so I’m just not going to go that restaurant”????

As you answer those questions, it will be clear that there will be a TINY number at the end.

G*d you Toronto Sun. You are an embrassament to this city.