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GO Transit: Service thread (including extensions)

In riding the Kitchener line lately, I have noticed that it has become the commuting route of choice for bicycle couriers who work downtown. Etobicoke North seems to be the terminal point for many. 30-40 bikes on a train, the doorways are chock full of bikes.
It almost felt like a Niagara train on a summer Sunday.
I wonder if dedicated bike space on every train is in ML’s plans.

- Paul
The Kitchener-Guelph route is very likely given what we’ve seen, but extending that down to McMaster, Aldershot and/or Downtown Hamilton would be amazing.
Whole-heartedly agree. that would connect Wellington/Waterloo to that area plus Niagara. But that would be an extremely big improvement, are GO bus service changes really going to become extremely big improvements? Forgive my pessimism.


Service changes for April 8-10 are here and ITS A LOT I STILL CANT PROCESS IT

I will post all the changes here, one at a time, editing my post as required:




Here's the thing we've been waiting for:



The Barrie Cuts:


Modest Service Enhancement for Milton:


Stouffville Cuts:



The number of Bus Changes are too large for this post; and it will also take me a bit to work through them!
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biggest changes:

no more weekday off peak service on Barrie and Stouffville
New Kitchener-Guelph-Hamilton bus
New all day service on Kitchener corridor
a few trips added on Kitchener and Milton lines in peak periods
A few trips deleted on LSW and LSE in the early morning and late evening.