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FedEx (475 Commissioners St, ?, 1s, ?)

Why? It's no different from every other industrial building along commissioners.
This area is in a flood zone right now so its uses / building types are pretty limited. Once the work on the Don River flood protection zone is complete this area will see better development - but that's 20-40 years down the line. I would make a bet that the city has a planned road network for when this area is complete - these smaller developments are likely within the future right-of-ways.
yup, these things are like big box stores - usually built to be profitable after ~20 years, so any extra time beyond that is "bonus". These buildings aren't built to stick around for a century.
Coming along.



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Well, atleast there will be decent sidewalks and landscaping. Def will look better than before.

I wonder what will be built next to the FedEx facility where the vacant industrial land is
my bad - I thought he meant the old FedEx land
The new yep.



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