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FedEx (475 Commissioners St, ?, 1s, ?)


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Sep 2, 2011
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(Former) Ward 16
Ward 30 - Tor & E.York District
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The development proposal is for a new 7,381 square metre courier facility on the Subject Property. The courier facility will replace the current facility located at 215 Lake Shore Boulevard in the East Bayfront Precinct. Within the new courier facility, 910 square metre will be allocated to the office/public reception area and 6,471 square metre for the warehouse area.
Proposed Use Non-Residential # of Storeys 1 # of Units 0
Type Number Date Submitted Status
Site Plan Approval 14 261496 STE 30 SA Dec 8, 2014 Under Review
That's Fed Ex moving east to clear their Lower Sherbourne and Lake Shore property for redevelopment.

Not surprised, the FedEx current site is clearly destined for bigger and better things and when a development application is received the City will insist on them giving a strip of land along Lower Sherbourne so that the street can be re-widened and moved slightly to the west.

Clearly, all the current buildings on the north side of Queens Quay from Lower Jarvis to Parliament are going. Gouvernment is being demolished now, Fed Ex is heading in that direction. The Imparc and the low-rise building - where Euro Lite is - between Bonnycastle and Small Streets are probably next,
The new Fedex will sit on the old Cascades plant site. I wonder if this property was parcelled - it's a massive site.
Just a heads up that this is coming up at the Design Review Panel on Wednesday 10 June 2015 at 9:30.

Private Development Proposal: Fed Ex Courier Facility,
475 & 495 Commissioners Street
Elsa Fancello, Castlepoint Numa
Glenn Piotrowski, Glenn Piotrowski Architect
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You mean they actually plan a design for this beyond your typical warehouse?
.... or WT think they ought to. (A year or so ago GO/Metrolinx came to WT DRP to present plans for a maintenance staff building on the berm at Lower Jarvis. It was the most embarrassing presentation I have ever seen and the engineers who designed it were hammered by the DRP. The proposal vanished and at last word GO were "rethinking".)
the architect appears to be one that does industrial buildings (googling the name came up with links to news stories about Canadian Tires new warehousing building in Caledon), so thats all I expect to see.
I believe I saw FedEx on the list of those opposing the Gardiner East grand boulevard option. And yet, the developer here is in support.
Updated architectural drawings were posted in October. Looks like a pretty standard suburban warehouse building.


I was cycling past the CURRENT FedEx site on Lower Sherbourne today and there is lots of activity there with core drilling. I assume the owners are investigating the land in preparation for the move-out and subsequent development. Anyone know how the new building is coming and when they will actually move?
streetview from May shows it fully framed, so I imagine its getting relatively close to completion now.



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