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Evocative Images of Lost Toronto

The bridge is definitely still there, it was just backfilled, like Crawford. Now, what condition either is really in, if you removed the soil is a bit of a question mark. Both would doubtless require restoration.
As per the plaque above, the Crawford bridge already underwent a deck-and-sidewalks "renewal" in 2004, so I presume that what lay underneath was deemed safe and sound enough--albeit along the lines of wooden rail trestles that still exist under subsequent fill.

The interesting thing is that because of that conspicuous railing, the Harbord bridge had a more "palpable" presence post-burial than the Crawford bridge, which (pre-2004) one wouldn't have sensed was there beneath the fill because all surface evidence was obliterated...
Evocative….the old horse trough Toronto. Today, and functional every summer in Parry Sound.


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I can't find anything that says the one in Parry Sound is the one in the photo or even came from Toronto. They were pretty common back in the day.

I couldn't find anything online that had the provenance of the one in Parry Sound.
That’s why I called it “evocative”. What I liked is that it still works. I have no idea of the provenance of the one in Parry Sound.
That’s why I called it “evocative”. What I liked is that it still works. I have no idea of the provenance of the one in Parry Sound.
I did a little bit of research. The Chamber of Commerce, Parry Sound pointed me to a website that had a photo of that location where the horse trough is, and it wasn’t there in 1869. The Parry Sound Museum told me it was manufactured by the Canada Foundry company Limited. Further digging led to another website showing the Canada Foundry was in existence under that name from 1900 to 1923 in Toronto when it was bought by Canadian General Electric. There is a horse trough currently in St. James Cathedral Park, Toronto.
Going back to memories of my youth, the baseball stadium is Millen stadium. While I never saw a game there I believe it was a softball stadium. I recall seeing ads on the board there for ladies softball game. What looks like a track was Ravina Terrace. I believe it was used as a roller skating rink among other things. I clearly remember in the early 1950’s, my father taking me there to seeing boxing matche. Not sure if they were amateur or professional, but they were held weekly in the summer. They were outdoors. The road going up to Danforth was called Royal dr. That could be checked from an old road map