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Corso Italia

Quiote Restaurant is planning to open at 1331 St. Clair W, at the NW corner of St
Clarens. Formerly the Invictus Restaurant.

While Dino's Shoes at 1285 St. Clair is having a retirement closing sale. Another old timer in the area.
A new eatery appears to be opening soon at the previous Emma's Country Kitchen location, just east of Northcliffe. Saw a "coming soon" sign along with several other pages with small font on the front windows. I was on a streetcar so unfortunately was not able to see what the name may be.
Heather Duddledam bought the old San Remo building (Westmount & SCW) and is currently renovating it. She will operate out of the new updated space.
Exterior renovation work for the building at the SW corner of St. Clair Ave W and Westmount.



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The Starbucks in Corso Italia will be closing in 3 weeks. The reasons are largely attributed apparently to sluggish sales (it is packed all day everyday), a rent hike, and the minimum wage increase.
Also, it is widely known that Ana Bailao will be running up against Cesar Palacio later this year.
She blows in the wind for power. She's not horrendous, but there's little to *like* either.

In the worst way -- after being appointed the city's "housing advocate" and deputy mayor, she had the gall to vote with the mayor against opening the armoury.
She blows in the wind for power. She's not horrendous, but there's little to *like* either.
lets not forget that cesar palacio has been representing this ward for a very long time. beggars cant be choosers in this neck of the woods at least. she is by far our best chance at installing change. cesar has been a great disappointment.