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Corso Italia

As per the Star, it looks like Goodgood Cafe are planning to open a new location at the former Spielhaus boardgame Cafe on St. Clair (just west of Dufferin):

A place called the "Balloonery" has opened up a few doors west of the upcoming Goodgood Cafe on St. Clair mentioend above. Yes, they sell balloons of all different varieties. :)
Photo of the new Goodgood Cafe near Dufferin:


While further along on St. Clair, just west of Via Italia there's a new place to open called "Paulo's Cake Shop":

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La Paloma Gelato at St. Clair & Lansdowne have closed after around 55 years in business:

Cue the classic tale of Toronto retail woe of recent years - beloved local independent business driven to closure by totally unreasonable demands by a greedy asshole landlord.