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Climate Change & Toronto

W. K. Lis

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Dec 24, 2007
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Something to think about...

We are leaving the Age of Pisces (Jesus) and entering the Age of Aquarius...

Does the Age of Aquarius Bring Global Warming and Floods?

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The fear is here. It is permeating society. Global warming is coming. Will global warming destroy society? And if it will, is it a coincidence that the predictions of mass coastal flooding coincides with humanity moving into the Age of Aquarius? Perhaps this has happened before – perhaps humanity is just living a cycle that it has lived for 10,000’s of years. Maybe there is a correlation between the Age of Aquarius and global warming.

From Pisces (Jesus) to Aquarius

The Earth revolves around the sun. But the sun does not sit still. Our Milky Way galaxy moves. And as it moves across space-time, we see different constellations in the sky. Certain constellation positions have been used as a reference point of time throughout human history. Just as current civilization uses the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ as a time reference, ancient civilization looked to the stars.

Each age lasts around 2,100 years, give or take. Currently, we are living in the Age of Pisces. One could theorize that the death & resurrection of Jesus, being roughly 2000 years ago, actually symbolized the beginning of our current age: Pisces. Jesus was the sacrificial lamb. Pisces came after Aries, whose zodiac sign is a ram (lamb). While the ram brought turbulence, the end of the ram came with Pisces. Pisces symbolizes selflessness, love & generosity. And the sign for Pisces is a fish. Ever see the Jesus fish bumper stickers?

It’s now been roughly 2000+ years since the stories of the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ. Just in time for a transition to Aquarius.

Aquarius and Global Warming Brings The Flood

Aquarius is the 12th and final age in the zodiac. The end of the zodiac’s long cycle. And we are moving into this final age as we speak. It’s been a little over 2000 years since the last changing of the ages.

Many religions & mythologies speak of global floods wiping out mankind. Some might say we are living in the end times. Perhaps we are. Perhaps we are moving into the Age of Aquarius, which brings the flood to destroy mankind & restart the zodiac.

Current global warming predictions are quite scary. Of course, global warming includes rises in water & atmospheric temperature. But what this brings is more rain & melting snow – which brings higher sea levels, which in turn, brings flooding. Current predictions have a 5-10% increase in precipitation across the globe. With melting snow and glaciers, sea levels are expected to rise by a further 20 inches by 2100.

Doesn’t sound like a lot? Consider that global warming is already severely affecting Venice, France with some predicting Venice vanishing by 2100. And in the United States, many major city coasts, from Maine, to Texas & California, will be flooded by 2100 according to current predictions.

It seems that the floods are coming & that the Age of Aquarius may be bring them. But what will come after Aquarius?...