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Apple Store

I suspect Apple could handle three stores in downtown T.O. Flagship-esque stores in Bloor-Yorkville and another downtown (possibly Union) and perhaps eventually carving a slightly bigger space into the Eaton Centre too.
Apple going to open store in Massonville Mall, London....along with Forever 21.
only way i can see them getting 20,000 SF is if they go and do a 2 or 3 level store.

is the old uptown theatre still there or was it torn down for the condo?

Was thinking of this thread as I read the story about the Sutton Place condo conversion by Lanterra......there is 20k s.f. of new retail space being created right there!
Well, since this front page story went up on UrbanToronto, it has gone viral: it will likely be our most-read story ever at the rate it is being read currently. This thread in P&C is getting a lot of traffic as well.

All Downtown will need after this Bloor-Yonge location and the existing Eaton Centre location, is a Union Station location, and in fact Apple would be insane not to locate in the new mall going in under Union. All those people waiting for their GO, VIA, and the occasional Amtrak train? It would be great for the Union Station mall too. I wonder if it could open there even before the Bloor-Yonge location…

Everytime I read this thread, this damn song gets in my head:

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Ball of Confusion that's what the world is today. (yeah, yeah)
Yesterday I dropped my iPhone and the case broke so I headed over to Sherway Gardens to get a replacement case. Much to my surprise the Apple Store was covered with construction hoarding. By the looks of things The store will be at least double in size once the renovation is done. There is a temporary store located across from the Yogurt Fruz.
The Eaton Centre location is closed for some type of renovations until the 16th