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2022/24 Russian-Ukrainian War

They cost the same because the drone is built in the US and the fighter jet is built in Russia. But the fighter jet is most assuredly worth a lot more to Russia than the drone is to the US. The USAF is about to start retiring Reapers. They'll be drawn down slowly over a decade to complete retirement by 2035. Not to mention the risk to the Russians of losing a pilot, which they don't exactly have many plenty of.

Ohh yes, in terms of value, obviously a fighter jet is more valuable. I was merely commenting on the relative costs in dollar amounts.
Also, no idea if accurate, but these are some incredible losses the Russians ate in Vulhedar. Literally two busloads of troops lost per day for just one small village. And no gain.

Nothing to see here - Russia is not concerned with such hideous losses. There are plenty more young men from ethnic minorities that they can mine for cannon fodder.