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    Toronto | 485 Wellington Street West | 51m | 14s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

    Very interesting. Seems like The Well is taking its sweet time to launch. Always wanted to buy property on this street hope now is my chance.
  2. Rod

    Toronto | 603 Sherbourne | 164m | 53s | Concert | IBI Group

    Which Lanterra project at Church & Carlton?
  3. Rod

    Capping Adjustment Costs

    Wrong. Same 10-Day Cooling period applies to house purchases through a builder.
  4. Rod

    88 Scott Street | 204m | 58s | Concert | P + S / IBI COMPLETE

    This building screams quality.
  5. Rod

    Toronto | Key West | 136m | 44s | Times Group | Burka

    Once Westlake Encore is built they'll be a road connecting both Key West building to the Westlake traffic light.
  6. Rod

    Briar Hill City Towns (Madison Homes) - Real Estate -

    Product feels very luke-warm for the price point..
  7. Rod

    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    York Region would be hit first as indicators point they are 30% over valued.
  8. Rod

    Toronto | Daniels Waterfront - City of the Arts | 156m | 45s | Daniels | RAW Design

    They are moving fast. How come occupancy slated for 2019?
  9. Rod

    88 Scott Street | 204m | 58s | Concert | P + S / IBI COMPLETE

    Can't wait to move in here. Loving how fast this is rising!
  10. Rod

    Toronto | Bisha Hotel and Residences | 147m | 44s | Lifetime | Wallman Architects

    Underwhelming. Another copy + paste design. Man this intersection is looking dull. Hope what ever development plans they have for the Shoppers can undo all this mediocracy.
  11. Rod

    Thinking of a 2 Bedroom Downtown Condo

    The sad truth is no.
  12. Rod

    Buying a unit on the pool/party room floor?

    It's a red flag for me. Unless it's really at the end of the hall were others typically wouldn't go. Also if you have a proper foyer that doesn't interfe with the sound too much from the outside suite then you should be fine. But it's best when amenities are completely on a Seperate floor.
  13. Rod

    2 Bedroom Corner Unit Review

    Totally agree with the poster above. Much better off exposing the corner. Not just for the natural light but views play a huge roll as well on your investment. That den though seems very claustrophobic. If he needs the extra bedroom for his study. Then he's optimizing the use of the space quite...