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    Toronto | Bridle Trail Urban Towns | 12.14m | 3s | Your Home | FBP Architects

    Bridle Trail Urban Towns: a proposed 7-block, 3½-storey condo-townhouse development designed by Flanagan Beresford Patteson Architects for Your Home Developments on the north side of Ebenezer Road, west of Royal Country Drive and east of Alfonso Crescent in Brampton's Ebenezer — Claireville...
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    Toronto | Queen & McVean (Brampton) | 115.2m | 34s | Bramcon | Icon

    Additional renderings from ICON and the Concept Plan:
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    Toronto | 922 Green Road (Bowmanville) | ?m | ?s | Woodland

    922 Green Road: a proposed subdivision of townhomes and parkland by Woodland Homes on the south side of Baseline Road West, west of Green Road and north of Highway 401 in Bowmanville, Clarington: Public meeting will be on December 5, 2022 at 6:30PM: Place: Online or in person in Council...
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    Clearwater Structures Operation Centre (Bowmanville) | 10.36m | 2s | Clearwater | AECOM

    Clearwater Structures Operation Centre: a proposed 2-storey industrial & office building designed by AECOM Canada for Clearwater Structures on the south side of Lake Road, west of South Service Road in Southeast Bowmanville, Clarington. Renderings and site plans from the submission package...
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    Modo Urban Towns (Bowmanville) | 23m | 6s | Kaitlin | Vanle

    Modo Urban Towns: a proposed 6 & 6-storey condo and 17 townhouse blocks designed by Vanle Architect for Kaitlin Corporation on the southeast corner of Boswell Drive and Brookhill Boulevard, west of Green Road in Bowmanville, Clarington. Site plan from the submission package:
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    Toronto | Lullaboo Nursery Brampton Wanless | 15m | 3s | Quadspring

    Lullaboo Nursery & Childcare Centre Brampton - Wanless Drive: an under construction 3-storey day care and office building developed by Quadspring on the north side of Wanless Drive, west of Queen Mary Drive and east of Edenbrook Hill Drive in Northwest Brampton. Renders from the Lullaboo...
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    Toronto | 2 Post Road | ?m | 4s | North Drive | Richard Wengle

    2 Post Road: a 4-storey residential building designed by Richard Wengle Architect for North Drive on Post Road, east of Bayview Avenue in Toronto's Bridle Path neighbourhood. Website:
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    Toronto | 49 South Service Road (Mississauga) | 90.5m | 26s | Edenshaw | Kirkor Architects

    One more wide perspective from the submission package:
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    Gainsborough Towers (London) | 63m | 20s | zedd architecture

    @A Torontonian Now in short, yes, it would make more sense, and you can rest assured that we are focused on expanding coverage throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe.
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    The Cube (London) | 12m | 3s | York | zedd architecture

    Re-branded as The Cube, a former 3-storey warehouse building that has also been home to several restaurants over the years is now undergoing an adaptive transformation into high tech offices in this central city location. Inside, an industrial aesthetic is maintained by the concrete floors and...
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    Toronto | South London Apartments | 44m | 12s | York | zedd architecture

    South London Apartments: this proposed 12-storey apartment building contains 120 residential units facing Southdale Road and is across the boulevard from the Bostwick Community Center. The 4-storey podium is designed to align horizontally with the Community Center to assist in providing a...
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    Hype Park Apartments (London) | 15m | 4s | zedd architecture

    Hype Park Apartments: 1420 is located in the growing Village of Hyde Park in northwest London and is a boutique apartment building of 4 storeys containing 74 residential units. The building is in an L-shaped plan with the two wings offset to create an entrance feature and with an emphasis on the...
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    Gainsborough Towers (London) | 63m | 20s | zedd architecture

    Gainsborough Towers: these twin towers in Hyde Park, London ON consist of two 20-storey towers with a gross area of over 500,000 ft2. A grand entrance leads to a 2-storey lobby giving access to the 400 units and extensive amenities. The towers, on a 4-storey podium, are oriented to allow for...
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    Toronto | Stevens Road Seniors' Housing (Bowmanville) | ?m | 10s | Kaitlin | Chamberlain

    Stevens Road Seniors' Housing: a proposed 10-storey seniors condo, 8 & 7-storey assisted care building and 3 x 1-storey townhouse blocks designed by Chamberlain Architect Services for Kaitlin Group (operating as VAD Retail) on the east end of Stevens Road, north of King Street West and east of...
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    Modo 55 | ?m | 12s | Kaitlin | Chamberlain

    Modo 55: an approved 12 & 12-storey condo development designed by Chamberlain Architect Services for the Kaitlin Corporation on the south side of Clarington Boulevard, south of Prince William Boulevard and east of Green Road, proximal to the future Bowmanville GO Station in Bowmanville...