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    Riverdale Looks like there are a few residents want to turn Victor and Langley into maze streets, but it obviously will turn Withrow and Bain into the only thorough ways in...
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    Riverdale Traffic Group So a bunch of residents living on Victor/Langley (I'm guessing under 20) have decided to form a group that is trying to make Simpson/Langley/Victor 'maze' streets, so it can't be used at all by anyone trying to travel between Carlaw and Broadview. They will be trying to...
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    I thought it was pretty disgusting that she made the announcement while trotting out a bunch of black kids in the background. - she's had how many years to do this as an MP? - someone on her campaign tell her that guns don't discriminate, she should know, a bunch of very well-off Queen West...
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    Trinity-Spadina by-election

    Cressy is drawing desperate at straws now. That being said, I'm sure it will be much easier for the newly elected MP to fly porter to Ottawa than chugging up to Pearson. The propeller plans and reduce commute is actually much more environmentally friendly than the pearson jets, but no one...
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    depends on how far you want to go back? You can even start in her own party in 2006, when she ripped off Tam-Goosen for Helen Kennedy. Or in 2010 when she plunked Pantalone signs assuming all her NDP voter list would vote for Joe? Or the last minute flyers day before E-day on cars ripping...
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    Make King and Queen one way streets?

    I think it's a great idea. I'm not sure how liberty village users would all of a sudden not take public transit to work ( are they going to walk?). If you also implement it between Roncy/River, pinches, the once ways would naturally merge into the two way streets after. Lastly, if...
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    If that's what you want to believe. Considering every liberal voter in Trinity-Spadina has witnessed her polarizing tactics... I would say her polarizing 'meter' to be just below Fords.
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    Anyone receive notice of 'traffic calming' measures on Langley, Victor, Simpson, Riverdale, etc? Looks like they are making all streets south of Withrow not accessible by turning them one way into Howland, no left turns at Simpson from Carlaw, etc. So it looks like Withrow and Bain will be...
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    She's absolutely a phony, extremely scripted and disingenuous. Did you see her interview at Real Sports after the gold medal game? Despite the fact that she's supporting a multi-billion dollar Corp that isn't even in her ward (Real Sports/MLSE), she talks about multiculturalism and diversity...
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    North York Subway got built...
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    Considering 70% of Canadian family own homes and similar/more own cars, I'm not sure what imaginary ideological cool-aid you're drinking. If you take a look at the cities demographic and household incomes, you'll see that most of the 'Upper Middle Class' live in the core, those that Chow seem...
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    Toronto Councillors and Mississauga Council want their cities removed from OMB

    It's just political grandstanding and getting their name in the minds of NIMBY residents. It's easy to tap into selfish residents and appear to be helping and sympathizing with the 'plight' of the individual but knowing fully well (or maybe not) that actual results would never be what they are...
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    Rob Ford's Toronto

    There's some sort of sick fascination with Ford if we're still talking about him. With Tory, Socknacki, Stintz and eventually Chow, why is this guy still getting any airtime? lol.
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Mayoral Race

    and considering resident's ability to pay that increase... That's probably the biggest reason Miller had such a backlash in 2010.
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    2014 Municipal Election: Toronto Council Races

    Liz West, came within a few hundred votes in Toronto Danforth will be running again. Will be interesting if Fletcher still has any bite!