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  1. dusk

    Toronto | 693 Ossington | 16.5m | 4s | Green Street Flats | Green Street Flats

    Residents should be fined for wasting the public's time. How ridiculous. We need density and this is NOTHING. They should be happy to get this instead of a tower. Tired of idiot nimbys.
  2. dusk

    Toronto | Time and Space Condos | 101.8m | 29s | Pemberton | Wallman Architects

    I live right next door and mass was never the issue. The materials are. If this building kept the same mass and used single pane glass and quality brick (not pre constructed “fake” brick), this building could have been very attractive. Density is more than welcomed here.
  3. dusk

    Toronto | 65 Dundas East | 53.35m | 18s | City of Toronto | NORR

    I grew up in public housing and im strongly against this kind of housing. Since most people on this forum seem to disagree from what I've seen, I'll leave it there. Not a good idea in my books.
  4. dusk

    Toronto | 185 King East | 123.02m | 33s | Gupta | IBI Group

    This is comically bad. If we let something like this dominate the st lawrence market block there's seriously no hope for us. Since there's no hope this wont happen, lets just hope its 1/10 instead of 0/10.
  5. dusk

    St Lawrence Market

    Yup. Too much coddling going on. Commit a crime and be punished otherwise there's no reason for laws.
  6. dusk

    Toronto | Ontario Court of Justice Toronto | 95.7m | 17s | Infrastructure Ontar | Renzo Piano

    Anyone else hate the first few floors of this? It just looks so "busy". Maybe it's just me.
  7. dusk

    Toronto | 55 Yonge | 236.21m | 66s | H&R REIT | PARTISANS

    Now the developer will go back to the drawing board and change the design to fit the budget. Good job city planning!
  8. dusk

    St Lawrence Centre Redevelopment (?, ?, ?)

    The design of this will cost the city nearly $300 million? Be right back, switching careers.
  9. dusk

    St Lawrence Market

    More than one. Little consequences for breaking windows so multiple people have taken up on the easy opportunity :)
  10. dusk

    St Lawrence Market

    Statement from 51 division Man arrested in break and enter investigation, The Esplanade and George Street South area Broadcast time: 05:09 PM Date: Tuesday , May 10, 2022 Unit: 51 Division Phone: 4168085100 Case #: 2022-857961 The Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of...
  11. dusk

    St Lawrence Market

    Interestingly enough, with your model most folks I’m referring to would be detained given they’re on the 7th, 10th, and 20th chances, pardon the hyperbole.
  12. dusk

    St Lawrence Market

    I’m in favour of legalizing all drugs. If someone wants to self harm I’m not opposed to it. Leaving needles on the street, harassing people due to the effect of drugs, etc is not acceptable, full stop. I didn’t mention lengthily prison terms. Trust me I’m quite compassionate. However, if the...
  13. dusk

    St Lawrence Market

    Precisely. We shouldn’t infantilize the homeless or mentally ill. Ultimately people are responsible for their actions. Being homeless or mentally isn’t or shouldn’t be a crime. Harassing people, shooting needles, and breaking storefronts should be. That applies to everyone.