One of the latest development trends in Toronto is the intensification of Tower-in-the-Park style housing developments with new infill, as property owners look to maximize land use by replacing green space with new housing, a move which is generally encouraged by the City and the Province in response to the Places To Grow Act. While this trend has really taken off over the past couple of years, a plan by Pinedale Properties for their 3636 Bathurst Street site (a couple blocks south of Highway 401) has been evolving since 2011. The ambitious proposal originally called for new a 19-storey residential tower, a 9-storey senior's residence, a 2-storey amenity building, and 7-storey additions to the existing 19-storey apartment building on the site.

The plans have gradually been scaled back, with a recently resubmitted proposal for north and south additions to the existing tower by Kirkor Architects. The 9-storey south wing would add 80 new units to the site, while the 10-storey north wing would include 217 new units. 602 m² of ground floor retail would be built along Bathurst at the corner at Hotspur Road, adding some pedestrian activity to a primarily residential stretch of Bathurst. This new growth would require the demolition of 46 rental units within the existing tower, which would all be replaced within the new additions.

Looking northwest 3636 Bathurst, Toronto, Kirkor Architects, Pinedale PropertiesLooking northwest to 3636 Bathurst with new arms on the south and north sides of the site, image by Kirkor Architects & Planners

The two wings would project out to the west of the existing tower, flanking a new landscaped area by Terraplan Landscape Architects that includes an outdoor amenity space for residents, and an rotunda and drop-off area for vehicles, connecting with a standalone pavilion at the west edge of the site atop a new ramp accessing the underground parking garage. Plans for the parking component call for 425 vehicular parking spaces and 277 bicycle spaces. 

Retail at 3636 Bathurst, Toronto, Kirkor Architects, Pinedale PropertiesRetail at Bathurst and Hotspur at the base of the second phase addition, image by Kirkor Architects & Planners

Architectural plans for the project outline an exterior envelope consisting primarily of pre-finished aluminum window wall system with vision glass and spandrel glass panels. Other cladding elements would include translucent balcony glazing, architectural precast concrete panels, and brick veneers.

Looking southeast 3636 Bathurst, Toronto, Kirkor Architects, Pinedale PropertiesLooking southeast to the second phase north addition, image by Kirkor Architects & Planners

Documents included in the project's latest resubmission include a construction phasing plan, which show that the south building will be constructed first. Excavation will create space for an expansion of the existing building's P1 level, and create a foundation for the 9-storey addition. To the west, the existing amenity/pool building will be demolished and replaced with an up-to-date facility which is incorporated into the expansion. Suites at the south end of the existing building on the affected floors will be rebuilt to incorporate the new wing.

3636 Bathurst, Toronto, Pinedale Properties, Kirkor ArchitectsPhase 1 of construction, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

The north addition will be built in a second phase. Similarly to the first phase, and beyond what is shown in the diagram below, suites at the north end of the existing building beside where the expansion will be attached will also be rebuilt.

3636 Bathurst, Toronto, Pinedale Properties, Kirkor ArchitectsPhase 2 of construction, image retrieved from submission to City of Toronto

Pinedale is undertaking a similar infill plan for a rental tower site under their ownership, further north on Bathurst near Steeles, as well as another property on Dufferin south of Lawrence. With over a dozen multi-unit rental housing developments owned by Pinedale in Toronto, and a clear trend emerging from the company, we'll be keeping an eye out for future applications on other Pinedale owned sites.

We will return with additional information as new details about the project continue to emerge. In the meanwhile, you can review current images and statistics by visiting the project's database file, linked below. Want to get involved in the discussion? Check out the associated forum threads, or leave a comment using the field provided at the bottom of this page.