With construction now underway at City Core and Fortress RDI's Harmony Village Sheppard, a series of new videos highlighting the project's green features and innovative, wellness-oriented lifestyles have emerged. Aimed at health-conscious seniors and today's active baby-boomers, the Scarborough development targets LEED Gold certification while implementing a wide range of energy-saving and environmentally sensitive design features.

Harmony Village Sheppard, City Core, Fortress, Page + Steele / IBI GroupA rendering of Harmony Village Sheppard's Phase I towers, image courtesy of City Core/Fortress

Consisting of two Page + Steele / IBI Group-designed 30-storey towers and a more intimate, mid-rise condominium and townhouse component to the north, the 291-unit project is coming to market in two phases, having begun with the high-rise towers now under construction. Highlighting the project's "Green Story," City Core and Fortress' new video helps to explain some of the development's innovative features, including the use of geo-thermal energy:

In addition to the innovative geo-thermal system, Harmony Village Sheppard's computerized energy management systems will serve to reduce energy use with automated lighting, heating, and cooling. Energy-efficient glass, water-saving fixtures and low-energy lighting, will also reduce the project's environmental footprint, while a green roof will help integrate the project's footprint into the surrounding natural environment (below) by NAK Design Group.

Harmony Village Sheppard, City Core, Fortress, Page + Steele / IBI Group A green roof which doubles as a zen garden, image courtesy of City Core/Fortress

In addition, the project's use of native plantings in landscaping, and energy-efficient peripherals (such as ECM Monitors and Variable Frequency Drives) in the buildings mitigates the environmental impact of the development. As with the project's landscaping and amenities, the suite interiors are also geared at promoting a sustainable and progressive vision of golden years living, which is highlighted in the video below:

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