Jack Pong, President and CEO of City Core Developments, thinks he's found the key to living well and is determined to lead by example. He has two new communities on the go that he calls Harmony Village. There's already Harmony Village Lake Simcoe, and now Pong is launching Harmony Village Sheppard, at Sheppard and Warden Avenues. Catering mainly to retired folks, the Harmony Villages will be condo communities that emphasize healthy lifestyle activities and which  are kitted out with every imaginable amenity, an all-in-one. He has hired Page + Steele Architects to make his vision a reality in Scarborough. 

City Core Developments

The concept here is simple: provide people with beautiful and well crafted homes that are part of an integrated community whicha provides a full range of amenities and services right at their doorstep.

Now in the preconstruction phase, Harmony Village Sheppard offers buyers the opportunity to become part of a lifestyle concept that, according to Pong, will revolutionize the real estate sector. “Real estate developers do not understand the needs and aspirations of baby boom and senior generations, and I decided to lead by example by creating environments where like-minded people could come together in communities that celebrate life" says Pong.  

Harmony Village Sheppard, Toronto, City Core DevelopmentsHarmony Village Sheppard, image courtesy of City Core Developments

Harmony Village Sheppard will set a new standard in amenities and services. It is designed to provide everything residents need to remain healthy and physically and socially active without having to leave home. On-site year-round leisure and event programming will offer a plethora of activities from art classes and cooking classes to gardening and swimming.

"Village members" can enjoy shops and restaurants, a dining room that features specialty foods and regular cooking demonstrations, as well as cappuccino bars and lounges. Health and wellness services are complimented by exercise facilities, including a swimming pool. There are rooftop planting beds and winter gardens for the avid gardener, while community terraces with outdoor lounges and barbecues are there for entertaining friends and family.

The St. Paul’s L’Amoureux Centre on-site will offer activities from seminars, book and bridge clubs, as well as access to specially designed outdoor spaces. “Our partnership with St. Paul’s is an incredible opportunity to ensure Harmony Village is a vibrant and welcoming community that sets a standard for all others to follow,” adds Pong.  

Harmony Village Sheppard, Toronto, City Core DevelopmentsHarmony Village Sheppard, image courtesy of City Core Developments

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