The city's skyline has changed massively in the last decade and more change is on the way. Here's a comparison of the Yonge and Bloor skyline as it looks like today and what it should look like in 2015. That is, of course, predicated on no new projects coming to the area. Here's what the node looks like today.

Yonge and Bloor skyline in TorontoYonge and Bloor skyline, image by urbandreamer

And here is what it will look like in 2015. New additions to the skyline include, from left to right, The Florian By Diamante Development Corporation, The Milan Condominium by The Conservatory Group, The Four Seasons hotel and condo by Lifetime Developments in tandem with Menkes, and the monster that will become Great Gulf Homes' One Bloor Eastcondos. Massive change indeed.

Yonge and Bloor skyline 2015 in TorontoYonge and Bloor in 2015, image by Traynor

Original photo by urbandreamer can be found here. Traynor's 2015 render comes from here.