In this week’s installment of the UTPro Instant Report, we set our sights on Ward 15 Don Valley West, a diverse area nestled in the heart of Toronto. Bounded roughly by Highway 401 to the north, Leslie Street to the east, the Don River to the south, and Yonge Street to the west, this ward is seeing a particular amount of development activity at its south end thanks to the south-to-open Eglinton Line 5.

As of 2016, 28% of households in the ward consist of four or more people, above the citywide average of 22%, reflecting a high percentage of large homes beyond the main streets. In denser areas, most apartments in buildings of 5 or more storeys were constructed during the 1960s and 1970s, accounting for 50%, compared to the citywide average of 38%.

Map view of Ward 15, image from UTPro Instant Report

The current development landscape in the ward is dynamic, with a total of 62 projects in the pre-construction phase, 16 under construction, and 16 completed in recent years. Eglinton Avenue is at the centre of this development surge, particularly in the areas surrounding the stations of the upcoming Eglinton Line 5 Crosstown LRT, while development is also following transit routes like the Yonge Line 1 subway, and buses on the other major arterials.

Summary of proposals in Ward 15, image from UTPro Instant Report

Completed last year, The Stack at Bayview is a mixed-use development located at Bauview and Hillsdale Avenue. Designed by Kohn Partnership Architects Inc for The Brown Group of Companies, this 7-storey building comprises 146 residential rental suites and ground-floor retail. Situated near the soon-to-be-operational Leaside station on Line 5, its design features white precast frames that articulate the building into stacked components, hence the building's name.

Looking northwest to The Stack at Bayview, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor A Torontonian Now

Currently under construction in Ward 15 is Upper East Village, situated on the southwest corner of Eglinton Avenue East and Brentcliffe Road. Designed by Arcadis for Camrost-Felcorp, this project includes two mixed-use residential buildings set to stand 18 and 21 storeys. The west tower features condominiums, while the east tower offers rental units, totalling 558 new residential units. This development is located fairly close to the upcoming Laird station on Line 5.

Looking northwest to the ongoing construction of Upper East Village, image by UrbanToronto Forum contributor yrt+viva=1system

Close by the Upper East Village are a number of development in planning phases, like 849 Eglinton East which promises to reshape more of the low-rise commercial lots that have predominated this stretch of road. This proposed development by Pemberton Group would include three mixed-use condominium buildings designed by BDP Quadrangle, with the tallest tower at 32 storeys. Nestled just east of Laird station, this project is poised to bring 747 housing units the area.

849 Eglinton Avenue East, designed by BDP Quadrangle for Pemberton Group

With an average Floor Space Index (FSI) of 5.11 and an impressive Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 1,399,670m², of which nearly 89% is residential, Ward 15 is undergoing substantial growth. Its projposals soar as high as 46 storeys, with a median that hovers at 7 storeys.

GFA breakdown for Ward 15, image from UTPro Instant Report

As Ward 15 Don Valley West continues to evolve, these developments represent a blend of modern living, commercial vitality, and enhanced transit connectivity. With ongoing transformations along the Bayview Avenue corridor and the upcoming Eglinton LRT, this ward is set to embrace a future defined by dynamic urban living.

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