Last month, Woodlawn Residences Corp submitted Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment applications to the City of Toronto to redevelop 1233 Yonge Street and 9 Woodlawn Avenue East in the Summerhill neighbourhood with a 13-storey mixed-use rental and condo building comprised of 70 new condos and 40 rental replacement units.

Looking southeast to 1233 Yonge Street, image by BDP Quadrangle for Woodlawn Residences Corp.

The 1,913m² site is located on the southeast corner of Yonge and Woodlawn. It contains two buildings: a three-storey 1940s apartment building (40 units) that fronting onto Yonge on the western portion of the site, and a three-storey detached house built in 1911 fronting onto Woodlawn on the east. Aeneas Court Apartments is listed on the City’s Inventory of Heritage Properties, however the Woodlawn property is not, nor is it designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Aerial context image by Bousfields Inc.

To the north and south of the site, Yonge features a mix of early 20th century low-rise commercial properties and newer mid-rise mixed-use buildings, with building heights generally increasing approaching St Clair Avenue to the north. To the west, Woodlawn features a more consistent low-rise residential character, with semi- and detached houses, many of which date to the early 20th century.

Looking southeast to the existing conditions at 1233 Yonge Street, image by ERA Architects

The development proposal contemplates removal of the existing structures at 1233 Yonge and 9 Woodlawn, and their replacement with a BDP Quadrangle-designed 13-storey mixed-use building with a total gross floor area of 11,248m², resulting in a density of 5.88 times the area of the lot. The Heritage Impact Statement prepared by ERA Architects determines that neither property possesses sufficient design, historical, nor contextual value to meet the criteria contained within Ontario Regulation 9/06. As such, "there is no impact of the removal and replacement of the properties on the Development Site with the proposed new building.”

Looking west along Woodlawn Avenue to 1233 Yonge, image by BDP Quadrangle for Woodlawn Residences Corp.

The proposed development takes a generally square footprint, is rectilinear in massing, and irregular in form. At ground floor level, retail occupies the Yonge Street frontage and partially wraps around to Woodlawn Avenue. A small residential entry is situated at the north while vehicular access for loading and parking is at the rear through a driveway entrance from Woodlawn. The building features an outdoor amenity terrace located above the first storey at the southeast portion of the site. The building rises in an L-shaped plan above the second storey around the terrace.

Looking northwest to 1233 Yonge, image by BDP Quadrangle for Woodlawn Residences Corp.

Visually, the structure is read as two components: a six-storey podium and a seven-storey upper volume which terraces back from the Yonge Street elevation. The proposed built form incorporates a series of step-backs within the building design to provide external roof terraces and a staggered built form. The structure is clad in a combination of glazing and opaque cladding, with aluminum brass on select elements such as the window surrounds and protruding balconies on the upper volume. The guard rails on the Juliette balconies of the podium as well as some upper-level balconies feature a perforated aluminum brass design.

Detailed elevation along Woodlawn Avenue, image by BDP Quadrangle for Woodlawn Residences Corp.

The proposal includes a total of 110 units: 70 suites (64%) of the units are condominium units while 40 suites (36%) are rental replacement units. The unit mix is proposed as 57 one-bedrooms (52%), 31 two-bedrooms (28%), and 22 three-bedrooms (20%). Residents would have access to a total of 564 m² of amenity space. Situated on level 2 would be a communal dining room, gym/yoga room, and flexible event space, which will be directly connected to the level 2 outdoor terrace.

A three-level underground garage would accommodate 99 vehicle parking spaces; 88 for residents and 11 for visitors. The proposal also includes 116 bicycle parking spaces.

You can learn more from our Database file for the project, linked below.

You can learn more from our Database file for the project, linked below. If you'd like, you can join in on the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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