Haven Developments has applied to the City of Toronto for the rezoning of the property located at 955 Weston Road, approximately 120 metres northwest of the corner with Black Creek Drive. Proposed is a redevelopment and intensification of the site with two 11-storey/43.0 metre-high residential buildings conjoined by a 1-storey base, fronting onto Weston Road where it climbs the hill leading out of the Black Creek valley. A total of 617 residential units are proposed, all of which would be rental.

Looking north, image from submission to the City

The site is an assembly of four parcels of land, two of which are currently vacant and were recently used by Metrolinx as a staging area for work on GO line expansion and the Union Pearson Express. The other two properties are not vacant, with one housing a single-storey warehouse that covers the majority of the area, and the other home to a single-storey light industrial building. 

To the east of the site, at its rear, are the Metrolinx Kitchener and CP MacTier rail corridors. To the south is a small 1-storey retail store. To the north is Lambton Avenue, an east-west road which provides access to Weston Road, which turns into Brownville Avenue to the east, and also heads west from Weston. And to the west of the site are detached and semi-detached 2½- to 3-storey homes fronting onto Lambton Avenue and Bushey Avenue.

Location of site, image from submission to the City

The proposed development, designed by Turner Fleischer Architects, consists of two, 11-storey “L”-shaped mid-rise towers atop a shared one-storey podium. Working with the significant sloping of the site from north to south, the podium also includes two partially below-grade storeys which line Weston Road and the south lot line with grade-related residential units. Behind the residential units on Floors P1, P2 and 1 will be the building’s 3-storey garage. Above, the two mid-rise towers are to be arranged to form interlocking rectangular elements atop the podium, parallel to the site’s edges.

West elevation, image from submission to the City

The residential buildings have a total GFA of 49,157m², resulting an overall gross density of 3.69 times the lot area. A total of 617 purpose-built residential units are proposed in a mix of 26 studios (4%), 179 one-bedrooms (29%), 253 one-bedroom plus dens (41%), 43 two-bedrooms (7%), 29 two-bedroom plus dens (5%), 24 two-bedroom townhouses (4%), 48 three-bedrooms (8%), and 15 three-bedroom plus dens (2%). 

The proposal has a total of 2,484m² of amenity space with 1,336m² of it indoors, and 1,148m² outdoors. Between the two mid-rise towers, above the ground floors, outdoor amenity spaces are proposed next to the indoor amenity spaces. The easterly outdoor space, which would have an area of 255m², would separate the two mid-rise elements by 23 metres between Levels two to five, and by a minimum of 25.18 metres from Level 6 and up, increasing with the building's step-back. The westerly outdoor space would have an area of 375m², and would separate the buildings by 23 metres on Levels two to 10, and by 25 metres on Level 11.

Site plan, image from submission to the City

At the corner of Weston and Lambton, an entrance lobby is proposed, with a small accompanying lounge. Beyond the lobby would be townhouses fronting onto Lambton Avenue, followed by a covered entrance into the building’s courtyard, providing both vehicular and pedestrian access via a 6 metre-wide driveway. The driveway would lead to the vehicular turning circle in front of a third building entrance, plus access to a partially above-grade parking level.

Above-grade parking seen in upper left of the site plan, image from submission to the City

Within the two underground parking levels and the ground floor parking proposed, there would be a total of 436 parking spaces including 374 resident spaces and 62 visitor spaces. All three parking levels are to be internal to the site and are separated from the public realm by residential units, or lobby entrances. With respect to bicycle parking, a total of 629 spaces are proposed in the building, including 565 long-term spaces and 64 short-term spaces.

Looking southeast, image from submission to the City

The development would be well situated in terms of both existing and future transit. The site is near two existing bus routes: the 89 Weston, and the 71 Runnymede, as well as approximately 500 metres (or about an 800 metre walking distance of the Mount Dennis Crosstown LRT/GO/UP station. The Crosstown LRT, set to open about this time next year, will initially be 19km long, offering an east-west connection from Mount Dennis in the west to the Kennedy subway station in the east. Plans are currently in the works to extend the LRT west of Mount Dennis station towards Mississauga and Pearson airport.

Transit accessibility of site, image from submission to the City

More information on the development will come soon, but in the meantime, you can learn more from our Database file for the project, linked below. If you'd like, you can join in on the conversation in the associated Project Forum thread, or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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