Lindvest Properties has applied to the City of Toronto for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment, and Site Plan Approval on a property located at 2402 Dufferin a block and a half north of Eglinton Avenue. The developer is proposing a 24-storey mixed-use building and a 9-storey apartment building, along with a new public park and an extension of an existing public laneway.

With architecture by RAW Design, the development proposal is taller than the buildings of the surrounding area. Despite this, the proposal includes transitions to the lower density areas immediately to the west and north. Within the greater context of the surrounding area the proposed development adds to the mix of medium and high-density, mixed-use development which is occurring along Dufferin Street and Eglinton Avenue West.

Looking east to 2402 Dufferin, designed by RAW for Lindvest Properties

 Combined, the two buildings offer a total gross floor area of 29,936m² and provide a total of 405 units. The 24-storey building would have 306 condo units, of which 158 would be 1-bedrooms, 104 are 2-bedrooms, and 44 are 3-bedrooms, while the 9-storey building would house 99 rental units of which 1 would be a studio, 23 are 1-bedrooms, 61 are 2-bedrooms, and 14 are 3-bedrooms.

Looking northwest to 2402 Dufferin, designed by RAW Design for Lindvest Properties

The two buildings share a total of 658m² indoor amenity space and 829m² outdoor amenity space. The outdoor space located above grade would be distributed across rooftops and accessible landscaped areas.

The 24-storey mixed-use building fronts onto Dufferin Street, providing 883m² of retail space at grade level. The 9-storey apartment building to the west fronts onto both Ramsden Road and Shortt Street. The FSI of the proposed development is 7.25.

Location of 2402 Dufferin site, image via submission to the City of Toronto

Across Shortt Street to the west are 1-2 storey single detached dwellings. Immediately north of the site is the Universal Church, at the southwest corner of Dufferin Street and Bowie Avenue, beyond which are low-rise single detached homes fronting onto Bowie Avenue. Further north along Dufferin Street are various commercial low-rise buildings. The York Beltline Trail is just north of the site as well, about 220 metres away. Across Dufferin Street to the east is a car dealership and other automobile related commercial uses. Further east is a low-rise residential neighbourhood. South of the site, at the northwest corner of Dufferin Street and Ramsden Road, there are low-rise commercial and residential buildings. Next to the south is Eglinton Avenue West and Fairbank Crosstown LRT station — located approximately 120 metres from the site — which is targeted to open about a year from now. The site is also well serviced by existing surface transit routes along Dufferin Street, including TTC bus routes 29, 929 and 329, which all provide services between Wilson subway station, Dufferin subway station, and Exhibition Place, in different capacities.

Proposed public park can be seen labelled, image via submission to the City of Toronto

Parking is proposed mostly below grade in a three-level underground structure with 258 parking spaces and 417 bicycle spaces. Vehicular access to the development would be facilitated via an improved road network that provides enhanced access to Ramsden Road through the extension of an existing municipal lane. Pedestrian access to the site is facilitated from this road network and through the addition of 0.12 acres of public parkland to the south.

The proposed park and pedestrian network is intended by the developer to provide character and create a sense of place in the surrounding area. The location of the proposed public park was chosen to complement the street network, integrating courtyard spaces, landscaped setbacks, street trees, and street furniture, all meant to promote a comfortable pedestrian experience.

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